OnSSI Launches NetDVMS Version 6.0

Sept. 25, 2006
IP video surveillance platform features powerful investigation tools and multiple video clients

Suffern, NY - September 25th, 2006 - On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc. (OnSSI), the market leader in non-proprietary, open architecture IP-Based Video Surveillance, announced today the launch of its IP Video Surveillance software platform NetDVMS 6.0. A true non-proprietary solution, NetDVMS 6.0 provides universal camera support, and is compatible with the widest range of off-the-shelf networking and security products and technologies, making it easy for IT staff to integrate and manage physical security. Through automated, intelligent and event driven video delivery, OnSSI aids prevention efforts and ensures the most effective (and cost effective) deployment of security staff and resources.

OnSSI's NetDVMS solutions offer more flexibility, scalability, and wide-area connectivity, compared to analog and competing IPVS surveillance services. "As security over the IP network continues to expand, we begin to think about the next generation in advanced security management," says Gadi Piran, OnSSI's President and CTO. "Unlike analog systems, which require dedicated cabling to connect devices, our digital video system utilizes a normal IP-based network for transmitting and distributing video, thus eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming dedicated cable installation; providing the most powerful and advanced features for IP video surveillance and security."

New key features and enhancements to OnSSI's NetDVMS 6.0 platform include:

- After-the-fact investigation tools including a color-coded graphical motion timeline to show detected movement, as well as PIP (picture-in-picture) assisted PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) into recorded images; allowing PTZ'ing into playback while still maintaining the 'big picture.'

- Seamless convergence with security, retail and other organizational systems, allowing users to automatically receive video upon events received from systems such as access control, contact closure and POS.

- NetDVMS 6.0 is bundled with the NetMatrix Intelligent Viewer, which provides Black Screen Monitoring and On-Event Push Live Video capabilities, enabling users to get only meaningful video from large arrays of cameras, based on personalized rules.

- Content analytics and automation in movement detection, whether in identifying crowd movement patterns or alerting for unattended vehicles and objects, allowing for better and more accurate surveillance in response to events, thus saving operating costs.

- Remote accessibility through portable (NetCell & NetPDA), Web-based, LAN (NetGuard & NetGuard-EVS) video clients/controllers, as well as Control Room Video Wall (NetSwitcher), whether wired or wireless. Video can be stored at remote locations for convenience and security.

"OnSSI is the only complete solution that integrates the NVR, Virtual Matrix, Intelligent video delivery and content analysis in one software platform," says Gadi Piran. "We continue to develop technology that is ahead of the curve, recognizing industry advances and real needs in the IP-based surveillance driven market in order to help convert security solutions into a real profit center."

Combining state of the art data mining with video content analysis to detect and prevent the widest range of security and safety threats, OnSSI's software provides the essential "brains" that extract useful information from video content and event alerts. It is a sophisticated delivery system that serves up remote sensory information and notifications to appropriate personnel, aiding threat and safety detection and prevention.

The NetDVMS 6.0 comprehensive software solution is a future-proof, software driven and upgradeable platform, which provides the most powerful and advanced features for IP video surveillance and security. NetDVMS is also highly compatible with delivery via a wide array of wireless mesh networks, allowing for secure wide-area deployments.

Building on the success of previous versions of NetDVMS - with more multi-site, citywide deployments than any other IP video software platform - NetDVMS 6.0 promises to continue to set the benchmark for IP Video Surveillance.

On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc (ONSSI), is a market leader in non-proprietary, open architecture IP-Based Video Surveillance. OnSSI's systems deliver feature-rich camera management, sophisticated recording and archiving, automatic Push Live Video on event, and a complete control-room video-wall management solution using the IP Network as a limitless virtual matrix. OnSSI's systems can be found in a wide range of federal and local government agencies, as well as enterprise, industrial and educational settings.

For more information, visit: www.onssi.com.