NICE Receives 2006 IP Video Surveillance Competitive Strategy Leadership Award

April 27, 2006
Leading industry analysis firm Frost & Sullivan recognizes company's impact on video security market

RA'ANANA, Israel - NICE Systems, the global provider of advanced solutions that enable organizations to extract Insight from Interactions(TM) to drive performance, today announced that it has received Frost & Sullivan's 2006 Competitive Strategy Leadership of the Year Award for IP Video Surveillance.

This Award is presented each year to a company whose competitive strategy has yielded significant gains in market share during the research period. The Award recipient may have also executed an innovative strategy within the existing competitive landscape, empowering the company to overtake the competition. Frost & Sullivan analysts expect such innovations to produce lasting, precedent-setting trends in the industry.

To determine the Award's recipient, Frost & Sullivan conducted extensive research on the IP Video Surveillance market, including interviews with industry experts, industry participants, and end-users, as well as extensive secondary data research. The Award recipient is ranked number one among all industry participants.

NICE was chosen for its success in achieving significant gains in the market due to superior market strategy, having strengthened its position in the IP video surveillance market by offering market leading home-grown solutions, as well as through a successful acquisition and effective partnerships with channel and technology partners.

Frost & Sullivan commended NICE for the FAST Video Security AG acquisition as having added advanced IP based technology to the company's portfolio, and for having enhanced its presence and distribution channels in NA, EMEA and APAC. Frost & Sullivan also lauded NICE's portfolio of IP based solutions for video surveillance, which include embedded analytics for detecting intruders, unattended luggage, stopped vehicles, and tailgating, for example.

"End-users are demanding surveillance solutions that enable them to take informed decisions rather than applications that simply detect threats. NICE Systems offers Scenario Reconstruction technology to facilitate the end users in identifying an intruder or track the source of a lost bag with a single mouse click. This technology enables the customer to perform context-based investigation, identifying whether the event is suspicious and derive additional information about the suspicious situation," said Sathya Durga, Research Analyst for Frost & Sullivan.

Durga comments, "Through the acquisition of FAST NICE has expanded the breadth and depth of its digital video solutions portfolio, and has become the outstanding participant in IP-based video security solutions." By leveraging the newly extended offering NICE is ideally positioned to become the de-facto choice for organizations seeking to ensure the security and safety of individuals, whether consumers, citizens in public spaces or commuters through mass transit systems, by land or the skies.