Altronix HubWay 2I Adds UTP Transmission Dimension To Video Surveillance Power Products

Sept. 25, 2006
Base Unit Allows Flexibility Of Choice For Non-Isolated Cameras

San Diego, CA (September 25, 2006) – When Altronix launched their expanded product line up of HubWay Video/Data/Power products, they opened the door for customers to centralize UTP video, RS422/RS-485 data and distributed camera power over a single CAT-5 or higher cable for distances up to 1000 feet. The HubWay2I, being introduced at ASIS, is the most recent addition to the series and features the capability of handling video cameras lacking internal isolation transformers.

“The HubWay2I is designed for flexibility when installing new systems or retrofitting existing systems because it can be configured for both AC and DC cameras,” said Alan Forman, President, Altronix Corporation. “Like our other HubWay models, it’s a simple way to lower the cost of video surveillance installations.”

The HubWay2I provides eight 24VAC power outputs each configurable for both AC and/or DC cameras when used with the HubWayA (AC) or HubwayD (DC) video balun combiners. This design allows the video, data and power to each camera to be customized with regard to its particular specification and set up.

The unit has an 8 amp total output current (1 amp max per channel) and all outputs are fuse protected. An illuminated master power disconnect circuit breaker with manual reset and individual power LED indicators is also incorporated into the design. The HubWay2I is enclosed in a modular 2U standard EIA 19” rack mount chassis and features removable terminal blocks with locking screw flanges for easier maintenance.

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