AES-IntelliNet Long Range Alarm Radio System Manufacturer Establishes European Sales Office to Serve Western Europe

Sept. 25, 2007
European sales office reflects commitment to serving the growing needs of the region

PEABODY, MA - September 20, 2007 AES Corporation is pleased to announce that Martin Tee, of European Sales Office in Belgium, will be supporting and expanding AES-IntelliNet sales in the Western European region. Mr. Tee was brought onboard to address an increasing need for centralized alarm monitoring which has amplified the popularity of the AES-IntelliNet 'MultiNet' mesh radio alarm communications system.

The AES-IntelliNet's system is a long range wireless mesh radio communication network that provides Central Monitoring Service (CMS) companies the ability to monitor alarms in multiple locations and regions from one location, without recurring monthly communications costs or infrastructure fees typically associated with remote monitoring. This allows CMS's the ability to provide a more reliable, faster means of communicating alarm signals to central monitoring stations without relying on telephone lines or cellular services that are vulnerable to line cuts, weather conditions, radio jamming, and recurring monthly costs. Tee has worked in the security industry for over 27 years helping to develop integrated security systems, wireless CCTV systems and biometric recognition services for organizations which include Pelco, Motorola, US State Department and NATO. His plans for AES-IntelliNet include the market currently dominated by fixed telephone line and GSM by spreading the word about the AES mesh radio alarm communications network. "This is a special technology with a proven track record that is revolutionary to the European market. I want to make the AES-IntelliNet system the number one secure alarm communications system in Western Europe."

According to Mark Brandstein, Chief Operating Officer of AES Corporation, "We are very pleased to welcome Martin Tee of European Sales Office as an extension of the AES sales efforts. Given Martin's track record of successfully identifying and bringing new leading edge products into Europe and AES-IntelliNet's tremendous product success elsewhere in the world, we foresee AES-IntelliNet becoming a major factor in the European remote alarm communications market."

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Established in 1974, AES Corp. is the industry leader delivering high quality wireless mesh networks to multiple industries, including the fire alarm and burglary monitoring market. Wireless mesh networking is an innovative technology for applications that need to communicate data over a large geographic area with a high level of reliability at a low cost of ownership. AES-IntelliNet technology offers easy installation and management at a performance and price level far superior to traditional communications methods, both wired and wireless. AES-IntelliNet network users in the Fire & Burglary Alarm Monitoring industry have gained significant revenue, communications and cost advantages while meeting the high standards of reliability required. AES- IntelliNet systems are used in hundreds of thousands of locations in over 50 countries worldwide. Website: