ObjectVideo Announces Intelligent Video Network Protocol for Standardized Analytics Communication and Integration

Sept. 25, 2007
OV Ready establishes a network of interoperable intelligent devices and enterprise video management systems for accelerated customer deployments

Las Vegas (September 24, 2007) – ObjectVideo, Inc., the leader in intelligent video, today announced OV Ready, an XML-based intelligent video network protocol that standardizes ObjectVideo analytic rule, alert and configuration communications. Based on XML and open web services standards, OV Ready enables seamless interoperability between any ObjectVideo OnBoard-enabled device and any OV Ready-compliant video management system. This protocol provides device manufacturers universal compatibility among any video management system adopting the same ObjectVideo standard. Similarly, leading video management systems can build analytic rule configuration and data output interfaces into their own software, and immediately communicate with and manage any number of intelligent edge devices hosting ObjectVideo. OV Ready will be on display in booths, 2069 and 2169 at ASIS International, Sept. 24 - 27 in Las Vegas.

OV Ready reinforces the industry's movement toward integrating video analytics into an enterprise video surveillance system to benefit the end user. OV Ready enables the adoption of a single standard and a one-time integration, a clear differentiator among one-off integrations between platforms. Additionally, ObjectVideo enables more than just displaying "alerts" within video management or central alerting platforms. OV Ready is a comprehensive specification and technical support program that enables any software system to create its own OV Ready-compliant interfaces. These interfaces support full ObjectVideo functionality, including rule creation, analytic sensor management and event output. Now the end user can work with the growing network of devices hosting ObjectVideo OnBoard intelligent analytics software while creating and managing rules and events conveniently through familiar graphical user interfaces of their preferred video management system. OV Ready is a key component of ObjectVideo's ongoing strategy to put video analytics in the hands of the customer by making video analytics more accessible and easy to deploy.

"Video analytics is only one ingredient of a total video system, and users don't want to add on more hardware, software and user interfaces just for the sake of adding video analytics into their system," said Bob Cutting, ObjectVideo director of product management. "Customers want a single user interface to manage all things video, and a clear path to deploy analytics. The end user now has a variety of options to design an end-to-end solution with ObjectVideo analytics, ObjectVideo-enabled cameras and/or intelligent devices and OV Ready compliant management applications."

"ObjectVideo led the charge to embed analytics in cameras, encoders, routers and other network devices, which drastically reduced the cost and hardware footprint to support video analytics," says Brian Eckert, ObjectVideo vice president of sales and marketing. "OV Ready promotes an open standard to all ObjectVideo partners. End users will be able to select compatible hardware and software to support all ObjectVideo features, resulting in a streamlined end-to-end architecture that avoids costly and difficult-to-maintain custom integrations."

A demonstration of the full power of the OV Ready intelligent video network protocol, featuring Lumenera, Genetec, and Lenel will be on display at ASIS in the ObjectVideo Booth (2069). This latest innovation on display will feature an ObjectVideo OnBoard enabled Lumenera Li045 camera integrated with both Genetec Omnicast and Lenel OnGuard via the OV Ready specification. Rules and alerts from the Lumenara intelligent camera will be created and presented through the native user interfaces of Genetec and Lenel. OV Ready will also be shown at Lenel (booth 2649), Lumenera (booth 539) and Genetec (booth 9127).