DynaPel CloseView Delivers Unique Multiple Object Tracking Capabilities

April 7, 2006
Advanced video analytics allows PTZ systems to track multiple objects

Las Vegas, NV (April 5, 2006) – Until now, surveillance systems were limited in their ability to track moving objects within a scene. Even the most sophisticated system would track and zoom in on the largest moving object, leaving a gap in coverage if there was more than one significant event happening at one time. "Now users of video surveillance can enhance the functionality of their systems with the addition of the CloseView® Video Tracking & Detection System," said Jeffery Vollmar, Vice President of DynaPel. "CloseView® is the only proven means of simultaneously tracking multiple objects with one PTZ system, allowing users to capture a usable ID shot every time."

Video analytics built into CloseView® direct PTZ cameras to zoom in on tracked objects to provide clear identification. Users will benefit from the intelligent tracking, zoom and image capture they would get with a full-time operator watching the screen, even with unattended video surveillance systems.

CloseView® systems are designed for unattended PTZ camera operation in applications such as surveillance of parking lots, warehouses and entrance and exit roads with license plate recognition systems, or for high security facilities. CloseView® makes it possible for virtually any PTZ camera to track multiple objects within the same scene without regard to size or speed of motion. When there is detected motion in the field of view, the device automatically directs the PTZ camera to zoom in on the activity. An alarm output is then triggered to activate recording by a DVR for review and action. Motion selection on the CloseView® System can be set to stay with one target only or to toggle between all detected targets, and offers sensitivity levels of high, medium or low. The object size selection for detection can be adjusted between minimum and maximum, and up to twelve freely adjusted exclusion areas (where the PTZ camera won’t follow an object) can be programmed.

DynaPel Systems, Inc., a leading developer of digital video analytics, offers an innovative line of products that can improve the performance and coverage capabilities of virtually any PTZ, camera or video surveillance system. Not only will DynaPel equipment improve existing systems, it will also migrate seamlessly to upgraded systems.

“DynaPel’s feature-rich products can be utilized with systems already in operation to improve picture quality and enhance surveillance capability,” said Vollmar. “Their CloseView® solution allows our customers to take advantage of new technology with a minimal investment and a significant return.”

For more information on DynaPel’s product line, please visit the website at www.dynapel.com.