Foresight CCTV Introduces Video Transceiver with Surge Protection

Sept. 24, 2007
Transceiver allows color video transfer up to 400m, 600m in monochrome

Foresight has announced its item no. TTP111VTS video transceiver. The Transceiver features built-in surge protection, and can transmit full motion monochrome video signal up to 600 meters, or a color video signal up to 400 meters.

The distance can be expanded up to 1,000km when used with an active receiver such as Foresight CCTV's TTA111VH, TTA111V, AV, TTA414VR, TPA008, or TPA016.

The device, designed to replace coax with twisted pair, is a passive unit, requiring no power. More information on this product is at