Axis' Network Cameras Included in Major Investment to Improve Public-Transport Security

April 7, 2006
Axis supplies cameras for major subway and commuter train security project by Greater Stockholm Public Transport

Axis Communications is one of the suppliers included in a major subway and commuter train security project being undertaken by the Greater Stockholm Public Transport Company Limited (SL). SL has decided to install Axis' AXIS 225FD network cameras. The value of the initial order is estimated at approximately SEK 2 M, with the potential for additional installations.

The Greater Stockholm Public Transport Company Limited (SL) has decided to install Axis' network cameras in the subway system and at commuter train stations to improve safety and security for passengers and SL personnel. The security project is the most extensive installation of its type ever undertaken in Sweden in which network cameras play a key role.

"During the past few years, we have noted increased interest in network video solutions, particularly within the transport sector," says Ray Mauritsson, President of Axis Communications. "The installation for SL is a milestone for us, since it is the largest order of its type to date in the Swedish market."

Network video has a number of key advantages compared with the analog technology SL uses today, offering higher image quality, cost-efficient installations, easier access to the stored material for security personnel, and intelligent solutions.

The network cameras will monitor the track area and platforms, so that events can be followed in real time. The cameras are programmed to sense movements - persons moving on the track, for example - and will send an alarm signal if abnormal events occur. The current project covers 80 stations, including 12 commuter train stations, and the system may be expanded with more cameras and to additional stations as the need arises.

The Canadian company Visual Defence secured the order for the total security installation. Visual Defence is an Axis partner and a highly regarded company in the area of security solutions and camera surveillance. In the SL project, Axis will act as a subcontractor to Visual Defence.