Milestone Integration Platform Symposium Gathers IP Video Leaders

Sept. 24, 2007
Integrators and product partners meet in Denmark to collaborate on open platform IP video systems

COPENHAGEN – 13 September 2007. Milestone Systems, the global leader for open platform IP video management software, last week held its fourth international partner conference, called MIPS, the Milestone Integration Platform Symposium. The event gathered over 200 participants in Denmark, coming from 27 countries and representing 85 companies: distributors, system integrators, solution partners and manufacturers of IP network surveillance systems.

Designed to build knowledge and increase business skills for the Milestone eco-system of partners, MIPS has become the bi-annual event to learn more about Milestone and exciting new IP video solutions. Over two days, the participants hear speaker presentations, join interactive sessions, learn about interesting customer cases, interface with exhibiting partners, and talk with Milestone managers, developers, support people and account managers. Networking for those on the IP video forefront

MIPS brings together people from all over the world, every one being a part of the exciting IP video convergence and equally passionate about it. This creates the best possible basis for strengthening ties with existing and potential new partners, sharing information and ideas. In addition to the Milestone partners present at the event, 15 journalists, editors and publishers from all over Europe also attended. Industry speakers share expertise

Highlights from the Copenhagen MIPS 2007 included a presentation on IBM’s outlook for digital video surveillance by Joachim Stark, Global Director of Digital Video Surveillance at IBM Global Technology Services, and a talk on the importance of the Open Platform approach to IP video by Keven Marier, Founder and Chief Editor of IPVS media. Jon AndrĂ© from the Norwegian JAG Defence Group shared information on very advanced wireless, remote, and helicopter installations used to deliver military security solutions with Milestone IP video in long-distance exercises in the field or at sea, and during an important NATO meeting.

An analysis of the security industry was given by Simon Harris, Manager of the Security & ID Research Group at IMS Research. A report on a long-term academic research project called ‘The Security Industry – Customer Needs and Industry Trends’ was shared by Thomas Kalling, Ph.D. from Lund University.

Top management from Milestone Systems also spoke on the company’s future plans and strategies, both technical and commercial. Eric Fullerton, Corporate Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, and President of Milestone Systems Inc., summarized his new whitepaper on IP Video Megatrends.

Workshops and break-out sessions were held in the afternoons, with Milestone alliance and solution partners presenting their latest technology, in addition to demos of their offerings in the exhibition hall. These companies included the network hardware manufacturers Axis Communications, IQinVision, JVC Professional, Mobotix, Panasonic and Sony. Solution partners demonstrated video analytics that can be integrated with the Milestone XProtect platform: Agent Video Intelligence, Barix, Dacolian, John Lay Electronics, Object Video, OPAX A/S, and V.A.S. GmbH (Via:Sys).

During the gala dinner on the first night of MIPS, four awards were announced:

• Bodil Sonesson Gallon, VP Sales & Marketing, Axis Industry Specialist, accepted the ‘Milestone Manufacturer Alliance Partner of the Year’ award for Axis Communications.

• Roger Meier, Product Manager for Security & Business Systems at John Lay Electronics, the Panasonic distributor for Switzerland, Austria and Germany, accepted the ‘Milestone Solution Partner of the Year’ award, for integrations with the XProtect Smart Client interface.

• Bart Sebregts, Manager of Secured by Web systems integrators in the Netherlands, accepted the ‘Milestone Innovative Partner of the Year’ award, for integrations with XProtect for Alarm Centers.

• Jon AndrĂ©, COO at the JAG Defence Group, accepted the Milestone ‘Most Spectacular Installation of the Year’ award for their remote military wireless solutions with XProtect.

For several days both before and after the conference, many of the partners also took the tough certification training course in the newest software offering, XProtect Corporate. These courses were given at the Milestone headquarters just west of Copenhagen, providing the opportunity for attendees to visit the offices where the world’s number one open platform IP video management software is developed.

The next Milestone Integration Platform Symposium is planned for February 2008 in Puerto Rico.