Vidient Enhances SmartCatch(R) Video Surveillance & Analytics Software

Sept. 12, 2006
Adds New Behavior for Tracking Highway Traffic Congestion

SUNNYVALE, CA, September 11 / MARKET WIRE/ --

Vidient Systems, Inc., a developer of behavior recognition and video analytics software now used with CCTV cameras around the world, today announced broad enhancements to its award-winning Vidient SmartCatch® video surveillance software system, including new functionality for the effective, real-time monitoring, detection and notification of traffic congestion on even the busiest highways.

Along with the sophisticated new capability to recognize congested traffic, the new version of Vidient SmartCatch features numerous enhancements to standard 'behaviors' that can be monitored and analyzed in real-time by the software system, including significantly heightened sensitivities in identifying unattended objects, such as luggage left on the curb at an airport loading zone, and the new ability to associate the appropriate person with the object and analyze that person's behavior for suspicious intent.

Additionally, Vidient SmartCatch now features new behavior configuration and optimization tools that streamline the setup and operation of all behaviors used with SmartCatch, from human and vehicle tailgating to exit lane violations, perimeter intrusion, and loitering, among numerous others now available from Vidient. For instance, a new industry standard XML behavior template has been added that simplifies and speeds the creation and import of new behaviors while reducing the technical know-how required in deploying them. Additionally, a new easy-to-read, icon-based location map manager significantly increases the speed in identifying the precise location of security incidents in even the largest facilities and rapidly displays in-depth details associated with the corresponding alert.

"We're seeing the rapid adoption of video analytics around the world for a wide range of compelling applications, from securing major international airports to monitoring corporate datacenters and distribution centers to ensuring the safe pickup of children at schools and community centers," said Brooks McChesney, CEO and President of Vidient Systems, Inc. "We continue to add new functionality and introduce new behaviors to our SmartCatch software platform to accommodate the broadening use of this powerful video technology in business, government and public facilities."

Enhanced Ease of Use, Faster Configuration

Vidient SmartCatch also now features enhancements that make it even easier to use, manage and maintain the system. Foremost among them is the new SmartCatch Network Manager, a network-centric management view of the entire SmartCatch system designed specifically for network administrators. It graphically shows all the components operating on the SmartCatch network, from access control devices to CCTV cameras, notes their operational status and allows for the remote maintenance of specific network nodes.

The unequalled ease of use, management and integration of SmartCatch with the widest range of security subsystems now in use today, is achieved through the system's open architecture and advanced user interface. SmartCatch customers can easily and rapidly add and activate new cameras in the network and apply entirely new behaviors to the system by simply pointing and clicking on selected icons in the interface. The new interface simplifies management and increases control of the system significantly by providing a single point of management and configuration for all SmartCatch components.

Vidient SmartCatch, which is now in use around the world in facilities such as international and regional airports in San Francisco, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Tallahassee, Florida and Helsinki, is available worldwide through Vidient, NEC Solutions America, Inc. (NECSAM) through a marketing and distribution partnership with Vidient, and through a select network of security specialty value-added resellers, systems integrators, and manufacturers representative firms throughout North America.

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