Milestone releases XProtect SDK version 3.2

June 4, 2008
SDK encourages integration to Milestone's IP video management software

COPENHAGEN – 3 June 2008. Milestone Systems, a global leader in open platform IP video management software, has released a new version of its Software Development Kit, or SDK. The SDK provides rich and robust tools for Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) used by consultants and systems integrators to create network-based surveillance solutions that are inter-operable with other systems and devices. Examples of these include Milestone IP video integration with analytics, access control, Point-of-Sale, people counting, HVAC building management, lighting, fire alarms, baggage handling, fencing, gates, barriers, and much more.

The SDK is used by authorized and certified Milestone partners around the world to create value-adding integrated solutions for more efficient and comprehensive security or business needs. Milestone Systems also uses the SDK internally to develop such integrated surveillance offerings as retail and transaction system loss prevention, central surveillance, and matrix solutions.

"The open platform of Milestone IP video software allows best-of-breed solutions with support for the widest choice in hardware from over 40 network camera manufacturers, and the SDK expands the concept further with unlimited options for surveillance integrations with other systems and devices," says Kim Macallan, Head of Product Management at Milestone Systems.

By creating integrated solutions that combine the Milestone video management platform with other systems and devices, customers get even more effective and efficient systems to handle their security and business needs. For example, by combining surveillance with Point-of-Sales systems, retailers manage loss and shrinkage through video evidence displayed simultaneously with transaction information from the register. When access control systems operate together with integrated surveillance, verification is possible on who is actually entering (as in the case of stolen access cards or "tailgating" which is slipping in behind someone else when a door is opened) along with sending an alert or alarm for fast response by security personnel.

Some of the Milestone partners who use the SDK include Activu Corporation, Agent VI, Cernium Corporation, CheckPoint, J-Systems, John Lay Electronics, Johnson Controls, JVC Professional, KeyProcessor Security Solutions, Maxxess, Netgenium Systems Limited, Nippon Techno Lab, ObjectVideo, OPAX, Open Options, Pango Security Systems, Paxton Access, S2 Security Corporation, Secured by Web, Siebold Security, Transact Payment Systems, V.A.S. and Vidient Systems. Several of these integrated solutions have been demonstrated at security trade shows like ISC West and IFSEC and presented at the Milestone Integration Platform Symposiums held twice yearly.

XProtect SDK 3.2, the newest version of the Milestone Software Development Kit, includes new API code samples, enhanced features in the .NET library, updated and new documentation, guides and manuals, a redistributable installer, technical support, and optional consultancy for programming interfaces with both the Milestone XProtect Corporate and XProtect Enterprise IP video management software platforms. There are APIs for the Milestone ImageServer, XProtect Matrix, and XProtect Central, as well as Milestone EngineManager and ImageViewer ActiveX Controls.