Tundra and Alogics provide solutions to I-View

June 3, 2008
Companies bridges, decoder offer enhanced performance for I-View's Capture Card

Tundra Semiconductor Corporation, a global leader in System Interconnect, and Alogics, a leading video security and surveillance solution provider, have been selected by I-View Communication. (I-View), a leader in digital video recording (DVR) for security and surveillance systems, to provide PCI Express (PCIe) Bridges and PCI One Chip Decoders to enable I-View's PCIe DVR video capture cards for next generation surveillance systems.

The I-View PCIe video capture card combines the high performance APC-915 from Alogics, and the reliable x1 PCIe bridging capability of Tundra's Tsi381 PCIe Bridge. The combined APC-915/Tsi381 solution offered I-View maximum video throughput performance over the PCIe interface, enabling I-View's video capture card to produce the highest video quality for their customers.

"We evaluated a number of PCIe to PCI bridges for the DVR capture card and selected the Tundra Tsi381 for its superior performance, quality and reliability," said James Ou, sales manager, I-View. "We were able to easily integrate the Tsi381 with Alogics APC-915, enabling us to achieve significantly better performance than any other solution. This performance advantage allowed us to quickly bring to market a product that provides our customers the best video quality and frame rate."

When combined in video capture card designs, Tundra's Tsi381 and Alogics APC-915, improve system performance by maximizing the video data bandwidth over the PCI Express bus. This in turn increases the frames per second ratio and results in optimum image resolution and frame rates in the surveillance system.

"Working closely with Tundra's world-class support team allowed us to ensure that the combined Alogics APC-915 and Tsi381 PCIe Bridge provided the highest quality, best performance solution to get I-View's video surveillance design to market quickly," said Jung Sam Park, vice president, Alogics.

"Tundra has built its long-standing reputation on the quality and reliability of the products we deliver, and on the world-class customer support that accompanies every interconnect product we ship. I-View's use of our new Tsi381 PCIe Bridge demonstrates both the quality of this high performance part under demanding operating conditions, and the support of our expert technical team," said Tracy Richardson, vice president marketing, Tundra Semiconductor. "Our customers continue to confirm that our high performance Tsi381 PCIe Bridge is both low-risk and easy to integrate into their existing designs."