ObjectVideo Announces Intelligent Video for Industry

April 5, 2006
Tailored solutions for homeland security, banking, transportation and education vertical markets

LAS VEGAS, ISC West -- ObjectVideo, a leader in intelligent video, announced today four Industry packages developed to address the needs of customers in transportation, education, banking and homeland security. ObjectVideo's new Industry software packages are offered only on its chip-based software, ObjectVideo OnBoard, to enable its worldwide network of manufacturers and integrators to provide end users with solutions tailored specifically to their environments and unique concerns.

The company's award-winning products, ObjectVideo VEW and ObjectVideo Forensics, are being used extensively today to protect some of the world's most critical infrastructure facilities. However, applications for intelligent video can be beneficial to many commercial markets. Because video systems are widespread, ObjectVideo's Industry packages now address the additional unique requirements of these market sectors. Now, these industries not only improve their security, but can function more efficiently and conduct business more effectively -- all with the help of intelligent video.

Demand from the market and from its partner network led ObjectVideo to take this step to introduce OV Banking, OV Education, OV Transportation and OV Homeland Security. Now, a bank can automatically monitor activity around its ATMs; a school can automatically verify that an emergency evacuation is complete; and a traffic control center can automatically adjust the timing of metered ramps in response to actual conditions.

"Working closely with our VIP network, we have developed solutions that can be leveraged to bring the best of intelligent video solutions to new industries," said Raul Fernandez, CEO, ObjectVideo. "Our partners' experience with a variety of market segments provides us with important insight to create highly-effective, tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate to meet the specific needs of business."

Since 1998, ObjectVideo has provided intelligent video to secure critical infrastructure and high-risk environments. ObjectVideo's award-winning intelligent video surveillance software is based on artificial intelligence called "computer vision" and provides automated, real-time detection, identification, tracking and analysis of potential threats and events. It runs all objects in a camera's view against threat-specific, pre-programmed rules. When an object violates a rule -- for example, when a person or vehicle enters an off-limits area or loiters near it -- the software alerts security personnel in real time by phone, pager, email or an alert console.