SANYO Demonstrates New Mini-Domes with Pan-Focus Technology

April 4, 2006
Pan-focus technology allows all elements in field of view to be in focus at same time

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - SANYO Security Products, a leading provider of advanced digital products for the security industry, today debuted the industry's first Pan-Focus technology products in the U.S. These next-generation cameras, incorporating Pan-Focus technology, allow all elements in the field of view, from front to rear, to be in focus at the same time. The new products will be on display and available for demonstration in SANYO Booth #18053 at ISC West in Las Vegas, April 5-7.

Traditionally with varifocal lenses, objects in front and behind the main focus point appear blurred. SANYO has addressed this issue by incorporating Pan-Focus technology, a technique that allows simultaneous focusing on all objects seen by the camera.

"With this exciting advanced technology that was adapted from digital still camera technology, it is now easier than ever to capture clear images of all objects in the foreground and background," said Raul Calderon, National Product Development Manager, SANYO Security Products. "Surveillance applications incorporating the new mini domes will no doubt benefit from this valuable feature."

These mini domes come in two varieties, allowing surveillance professionals to choose the camera that is most appropriate for their application. While the 7500 series has a motorized 2.6x zoom lens, the 9500 series goes one step further by offering pan and tilt in addition to the motorized zoom function.

The VCC-P7574 has a motorized 2.6x zoom lens, with remote zoom adjustment possible with the optional VAC-70 camera control unit. The VCC-P7574 is also RS-485 and UTP capable via an optional board, the VA-50ST. The VA-50ST is a UTP and SANYO SSP module that provides telemetry via RS-485 or coaxial control. Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) control and telemetry capabilities are standard features in the VCC-P9574S model, for those security professionals requiring PTZ and RS-485 compatibility.

These easy-to-install indoor color mini domes provide 520 TV lines of resolution and two selectable modes of intelligent backlight compensation. Additionally, as many as four rectangular masks of arbitrary size can be set per screen so the privacy of nearby houses or structures can be assured.

Built-in flexible motion detection is another feature of these mini dome cameras that is useful in surveillance applications. Sensing is achieved by splitting the field of view into 16 areas, and movement and brightness levels within the picture are analyzed to accurately detect surveillance targets.

All of these features make the new line of 1/4-inch Indoor Color CCD Mini Dome Cameras an excellent solution for indoor surveillance applications.

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