Intercontinental Terminals Installs DVTel iSOC as Part of Homeland Security System Expansion

April 3, 2006
Chemical terminal achieves improved security, response, and staff productivity

Las Vegas, NV and Ridgefield Park, NJ - DVTel Inc., multiple award-winning market leader in the development and delivery of intelligent security solutions over IP networks, today announced that Intercontinental Terminals (ITC) has installed the DVTel intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) as a central element to upgrading critical security needs at this high-security chemical terminal installation. ITC handles a multitude of industrial chemicals, coming in and going out by rail, boat, truck and various pipelines.

The installation comprises about 60 fixed, PTZ, and infrared cameras monitoring the plant’s perimeter and strategic locations. All cameras were connected to the fiber optic network, minimizing installation time and greatly reducing cost. Joe Fallon, ITC Security Engineer, remarked, “If I had to cable this entire terminal with traditional coax, I can’t even estimate the material and labor costs we would have incurred.”

The DVTel iSOC and expansion in cameras and coverage areas were financed in part by a Transportation Security Administration grant for upgrades to fence lines, access control and video surveillance. Fallon again, “I’ve been involved with the installation of traditional systems and they were often a mess—DVRs, matrix switches, and coax all over the place. With DVTel, we now have an excellent, well-integrated base that can be expanded as budget is available. It couldn’t have been easier.”

Video is monitored 24/7 and recorded at all times at 1 CIF and 2 frames per second. All cameras are run through an alarm management system to pop video for more effective response. On alarm, video jumps to 30 fps at 4 CIF. Under these conditions, 23 days of video can be stored on the hard drive for ready access and review. Video is viewed from multiple locations on-site and remotely. The enhanced monitoring and event investigation capabilities have proven very effective.

“We’ve been able to increase employee accountability and response,” said Fallon. We had an incident where a train ran through a gate. We got a statement from the driver on his perspective of what happened. The video told us exactly what happened, and we were able to institute better management and response. Our employees now know these incidents are on video and that they’re going to be held accountable.”

In addition to operational issues, the security system has caught numerous security breaches on tape, enabling security staff to respond quickly and to be better prepared for similar incidents in the future. Video quality and system ease of use have been instrumental in improving staff response and for creating a much greater sense of security at the facility.

Fallon has been impressed not only with the DVTel iSOC’s functionality but also the system’s integration capabilities and the company’s overall level of service and support. The cost savings and productivity increases have also been impressive, “If I have to monitor all the cameras all the time, I would need about four people full-time. With the integration of alarm management I only need one person monitoring the camera system—it makes our staff more effective and I’ve achieved ROI on the alarm management part of the system in less than a month.”

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