MDI Unveils 3D Video Motion Detection Software for Surveillance

April 3, 2006
New SenseEye VMD software triangulates threats with pinpoint accuracy

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS - March 29, 2006 - MDI, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDII) today announced that MDI Security Systems has formally made available the only true three-dimensional video motion detection surveillance system in the world, under the brand name of SenseEye VMD.

SenseEye delivers 3D video motion detection that utilizes two or more overlapping cameras to detect movement within a specified zone. This movement is detected within a volume, not along a plane, allowing for the substantial elimination of false alarms, increases in detection probability, the protection of multiple or individual assets and greater flexibility in camera positioning and location. The system is only sensitive to the exact area, line or "point in space" that is defined by the user, making it the most advanced technology of its kind in the security market.

Today's video surveillance products are limited by simple 2D video motion detection capabilities. This means that any motion in a camera's line of site will engage false alarms, which are not only a nuisance, but also drain organizational resources and increase risk. These systems have no way to differentiate between "innocent" motion and a motion that has led to the removal of a defined object in a specific area or a breach in a perimeter's security.

According to Michael M. Garcia, the Vice President of Marketing for MDI who is spearheading the worldwide deployment of the SenseEye VMD, "As CCTV systems become commonplace, there is a growing need to develop automated methods of monitoring the video streams that these systems provide. SenseEye VMD was developed to provide the market with a precise three dimensional detection algorithm, that can be unified with any video security system to overcome the shortfalls of conventional video management software. Organizations that are currently running 2D systems are losing money. MDI has the solution and it is available today," he added.

The SenseEye system is ideal for use in both Government and commercial applications. Typical government, Department of Defense and homeland security functions include:

  • Perimeter detection
  • Borders and ports (secure border initiatives)
  • High-value assets in an open area
  • Hazardous areas (e.g., fuel or ordnance)
  • Warehousing, storage and secure storage
  • Airport checkpoints, runway incursions and parking garages

Typical commercial applications include:

  • Art galleries
  • Museums
  • Automobile franchises and production facilities
  • Jewelry and high-value retailers
  • Factories, warehouses and shipyards
  • Bank teller windows and vaults
  • Any organization requiring protection of items in a public environment
  • SenseEye is built as part of MDI's unified technology platform, which allows it to unify seamlessly into a video surveillance and centralized control system within the MDI Advanced Security Link (ASL) line of digital video management appliances. Up to sixteen external input triggers allow Sense-Eye to be integrated to external detectors for collaborative triggering or to an alarm panel so that the panel is able to be the primary point of control for the entire system.

    SenseEye also functions as a digital message announcer that can be readily unified into a public address (PA) system to welcome or alert people as they enter specific zones. It uses the standard WAV file format and has the ability to play a different message for each zone.

    SenseEye is also perfectly suited for stand-alone uses with virtually any make of camera, DVR or other access control, alarm monitoring or CCTV hardware.

    Please join MDI at the ISC West 2006 Show in Las Vegas - booth number 22087. As one of the many highlights, Team MDI will be providing live demonstrations of SenseEye VMD and the MDI Unified Technology Platform.

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