IBM and BroadWare Partner for Video Surveillance for Airports and Transportation Facilities

Aug. 31, 2006
IBM servers and storage is key component to BroadWare Media Management System

BroadWare is working closely with IBM's worldwide sales force and systems integration network to deliver IBM servers and storage solutions as core components within the BroadWare Media Management System (BMMS). BMMS is an enterprise solution that enables airports and transportation agencies to quickly configure and effectively manage complex video applications and video surveillance throughout a facility or wide area network.

"Broadware is expanding our existing relationship with IBM to incorporate IBM servers and mid-range storage components into the surveillance solutions that we deliver to our channel partners and customers," said Bill Stuntz, CEO of BroadWare Technologies. "We are now able to fulfill customer orders for IBM X-Series Servers and mid range storage systems when requested as part of the BroadWare Media Management System."

Broadware is one of IBM's leading business partner providers of open-standards-based network video platforms. BroadWare solutions have been specifically qualified to integrate and interoperate with IBM servers and storage systems.

Previously, IBM selected BroadWare as a key technology partner in the high-growth video surveillance markets because of BroadWare's unique standards-based platforms and end-to-end browser-based solutions for collecting, recording, routing and managing live and archived surveillance video while optimizing use of bandwidth. BroadWare's retrofit-friendly products integrate an organization's new and existing security products into one interoperable harmonious system that evolves as new IP-based technologies emerge.

BroadWare Technologies is the industry pioneer in enabling distribution, viewing, storage and management of real-time video in a networked environment. The BroadWare Platform is an open architecture platform that allows systems integrators to easily integrate their choice of third-party technologies, including access control or alarm systems, custom user interfaces and video analytics, while designing systems that evolve and scale as new technologies are introduced. BroadWare's clients include ARINC, Boeing, Henry Bros., Honeywell, Intergraph, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and Siemens. End users include major airports and seaports, transportation systems, military branches and many federal agencies. For more information, visit