Wren Announces Release of New Video Management System (VMS) Software

Aug. 28, 2006
Business-friendly software helps organizations extend surveillance applications beyond security

ATLANTA, August 28, 2006 – Wren, a provider of video surveillance solutions, today announced the immediate availability of Wren Video Management System (VMS) Software. Feature-rich and easy to use, Wren VMS Software helps businesses leverage video as a critical information source across all areas of an organization for applications such as security, risk management, customer service and operations.

Wren VMS Software lets business users capture, review and manage video from multiple locations and easily access live and archived video from a PC. Wren VMS Software is designed to drive usability and simple, hassle-free maintenance. A true IP solution, this enterprise-grade application is designed to integrate seamlessly with the existing IT network, making it accessible to the entire organization. Unlike the limited offerings of competing products, Wren VMS Software is a robust enterprise application that is scalable to an unlimited number of users and cameras.

Savvy businesses are increasingly seeing video as more than just a physical security tool and are using it across all areas of the organization to manage operations, customer service, and other functions.

“As evidenced by news stories seen almost every day of the week, video is a powerful security tool,” said Andy Wren, CEO of Wren. “However, video is increasingly becoming a mission-critical data source that is no longer tied strictly to security applications. To help a diverse group of businesses and professionals benefit from video surveillance, we focused on developing a powerful yet easy-to-use video software management system that businesses can use for applications beyond security.”

Built on a familiar, Windows®-based platform, Wren VMS Software is intuitive and flexible to meet a range of business users’ needs. Power features for users and IT professionals include:

  • SelectView Window – enables users to display and size a window with live video from any selected camera while working in other applications;
  • Controlled user access – lets administrators assign users different privileges according to their role in the organization;
  • Remote client application – offers full Wren VMS capabilities securely from remote PCs for maximum convenience and true 24/7 access;
  • Camera Discovery – detects all cameras on the network automatically, enabling easy camera installation and configuration;
  • IP address conflict notification – flags dual uses of a single IP address, minimizing mismatched IP addresses on the network; and
  • Flexible Scheduled Recording – enables continuous, time-based or event-based recording that is easy to set and replicate across multiple cameras.

Unlike video management utilities, Wren VMS Software was built with business users in mind by allowing them to organize and access video in the way that is most effective and convenient for them. Recognizing that physical and IT security are quickly converging, Wren also designed the new software to enable IT departments and resellers to integrate video surveillance systems seamlessly with existing IT networks and deliver excellent quality while preserving bandwidth.

“Most video management applications in the marketplace are built to manage hardware components. They are technical and complex and make users adapt to video as opposed to adapting video to users,” said Wren Vice President of Development, Dutch Schultz. “What is unique about our software solution is that we started with the business user in mind. We explored their requirements and determined what features would make it easiest for them to understand and use video to do their jobs. And based on that, we developed a software solution that doesn’t require extensive training to implement or use.”

Wren VMS Software runs on standard PCs and is fully tested and certified to work with HP Workstations xw4300 and xw9300. The software a part of Wren’s turnkey network video solutions, which contain all components necessary to integrate a complete surveillance system, such as IP cameras, lenses, housings and accessories. For pricing or more information, contact Wren at (800) 881-2249 or visit www.wrenassociates.com.