Virgin Trains implements Visimetrics’ DVR solutions

May 27, 2008
UK train company upgrades CCTV system on west coast rail line

Visimetrics have recently provided the digital recording solution for the CCTV upgrade of the West Coast Main Line’s 17 stations operated by Virgin Trains. The recording solution for the project is based upon the integration of FASTAR, VADER and OCTAR DVR systems tailored specifically to meet the recording profiles required at each station on the line.

The national rail network effectively categorises each station depending on its use, footfall and importance to the network. With a variety of recording profiles required across the network a fully flexible system design to optimise the image quality, recording rates and storage periods of each station was required. Tim Wood, Visimetrics business development director, explained "The key requirement from the outset was to provide very high quality video content at variable frame rates across the network based on station category and scene type. Through network integration of FASTAR, VADER and OCTAR DVR systems we were able to deliver an extremely efficient recording solution in terms of solution performance and cost."

The flexibility of Visimetrics recording solution enables the three recording systems (and compression types) to be simultaneously and seamlessly accessed, viewed and managed by Visimetrics CONTROL Station to delivering a single solution interface to security operators.

Now fully integrated within Virgin Trains national security operation the management and quality of evidence from Visimetrics systems has come firmly under the spot light of operator Virgin Trains.

"We are delighted with the quality of evidence we are now passing on to the police. Our security staff has swiftly adopted Visimetrics digital recording system utilising it as an essential tool in reducing crime and the fear of crime in and around our stations," said Richard Hands, Virgin Trains Senior Project Manager.