Motobotix IP Video Surveillance Cameras Protect Ohio High School

Sept. 11, 2007
Jackson, Ohio's high school uses IP video cameras with MXControlCenter software

New York—September 11, 2007—MOBOTIX, provider of advanced IP based video solutions, announced today that its video surveillance cameras have been installed to address potential high school security issues in Jackson, Ohio.

Following the recent tragic events at Virginia Tech, parents are sending their children back to school with the disturbing thought “are they safe?” The good news is that schools, colleges and Universities are turning to intelligent digital surveillance solutions highlighting the need for preventative and interactive solutions rather than the traditional reactive systems.

Jackson High in Cleveland Ohio chose the MOBOTIX surveillance solution with integrated MXControlCenter software.

Jackson High School had a standard analog surveillance system in place, which was recording to digital video recorders (DVR). However, a recently modernized school facility required up-to-date technology, and hence the need for digital video. After a thorough look at options, Jackson High School decided to upgrade to MOBOTIX digital IP camera, based on its many advanced features and ability to provide the highest level of security. The main focus was vandalism, general student safety and improved access control of facilities.

“We are very pleased to be working with Jackson High School,” said Wolfgang Ritter, Director of US Sales for MOBOTIX. “In the post 9-11 world and with the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech, high school and college security issues remain a crucial issue. Despite this, security cameras in general remain stuck in the low tech, analog era, with grainy images and limited intelligence. We look forward to helping schools around the US come up to speed with the most advanced IP video cameras on the market.”

Working with ProTech Security in Jackson Township, Ohio, 55 MOBOTIX M12 and M22 IP cameras were installed as part of Jackson’s new security system. The cameras were installed in common areas, hallways, cafeterias, and around the schoolyard. Three cameras provide additional coverage of the school bus garage, which had been subject to vandalism and loitering. Authorized school administrators and security staff can monitor and provide access control from any PC in the facility.

“We had major difficulties identifying individual students and events with our old analog surveillance system. The new MOBOTIX IP cameras provide high-resolution images and clips that are extremely detailed. It was a huge improvement in image clarity,” said Doug Winkler, Business Manager at Jackson High School. “When students know that we can see precisely when, where and what is going on around the school facilities, they simply behave much better. Storage and accessibility of video clips is significantly improved as well. This used to be an issue with the old DVRs. The video took up a lot of drive space and finding specific events could be a daunting task.”

MOBOTIX and Protech are working with school and police officials on procedures and policies for future incorporation of the use of MOBOTIX video “Export” capability. With this feature, one can view or capture an image or even video clip with little more effort than pushing the “Export” button on MxControlCenter or downloading from the camera directly. Local police were also focused on what some termed the “tamperproof” features built into the actual digital recording from within the camera itself.

The Mobotix VoIP (2-way communication) feature allows the police both audible, 2-way as well as video surveillance remote viewing of selected cameras in an emergency scenario. This capability can extend to the responding officer’s laptop. This would be invaluable in an active shooter or hostage event such as occurred recently at Virginia Tech. Police and other first responders have long awaited the arrival of such technology. The MXControlCenter also offers schematic layouts of the building interior in its viewer allowing response teams a remote overview of the situation, no more drawing sketches as the police were left to do at Columbine in April 1999.

“The more we can monitor and control our school the better we can protect our kids and staff. We have received very positive reactions from parents. They appreciate the fact that we can offer their kids a safer school environment,” said Doug Winkler. “There is no doubt that we will continue to expand our MOBOTIX IP surveillance system as we grow our school. The cameras have become an important part of our IT infrastructure and it would be hard to live without them.”