Pixim's Orca Chipset Technology Drives General Solutions' New Retail Security Cameras

March 14, 2006
General Solutions' new box and dome DigiOp True-Pix camera series relies on Pixim chipset technology

Mountain View, Calif. - Pixim Incorporated's patented Digital Pixel System (DPS) technology is integrated into the DigiOp True-Pix camera series, a new state-of-the-art line of box and dome cameras targeted for the retail market from General Solutions, a company specializing in custom applications for storing and managing digital video. General Solutions is introducing two new Pixim-enabled NTSC/PAL Orca chipset cameras, the GSDCT-VDNPS620XT Vandal Dome and the GSDCT-PS620XT Box Camera.

Pixim's DPS technology solves General Solutions' urgent need for true wide dynamic range video capture in retail environments which typically have challenging lighting issues, such as glare, extreme lighting, and strong backlight. Pixim's DPS chipsets are compact, easy to configure and deliver excellent image quality and color accuracy in both normal and wide dynamic range (WDR) scenes in any lighting conditions, 24/7.

General Solutions DigiOp True-Pix camera series will set new standards for ease of installation and high quality video reproduction for a wide variety of real-world applications. "Intelligent personalities", optimized settings for indoor, outdoor, night vision, and fluorescent lighting, coupled with true color reproduction contribute to the rich feature set enabled by Pixim's DPS technology.

Pixim's image consistency and accuracy overcomes typical impediments of existing analog CCD technologies to provide positive subject identification caused by variable lighting and limited color accuracy. The DPS image sensor converts light to a digital signal at each pixel, enabling each pixel to have independent, optimized exposure times to deliver the highest image quality and color accuracy.

"We were originally taken by the color accuracy and progressive scan capture of Pixim's image sensor technology," cites Tom Lassandro, Vice President of Product Marketing at General Solutions. "Accurate colors and minimal motion artifacts are crucial to real-time intelligent video analysis as well as the forensic study of video after an incident occurs. General Solutions sees a bright future for camera products based on Pixim's DPS architecture, including cameras specifically for the IP market to be announced in the near future."

Since DPS technology provides superior picture quality in challenging lighting situations, video analytics and biometrics algorithms work better. General Solutions' video analysis capabilities will benefit from incorporating Pixim's Orca chipset into their new line of cameras.

"General Solutions is a savvy, market-driven organization interested in capitalizing on leading edge technologies for asset security," states John Monti, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Pixim. "Pixim's DPS technology provides General Solutions with a family of security cameras targeted for retail markets to ensure accurate subject identification in even the most severe lighting conditions."

Frost & Sullivan recently named Pixim, Inc. as the recipient of the 2006 Technology Innovation & Leadership of the Year Award in the field of video surveillance technology in recognition of its development of the Orca chipset.

Customers shipping Pixim chipsets in their security camera products include: Baxall, Dallmeier electronic, EverFocus, Tyco Fire & Security, GE Security, General Solutions, Honeywell, Hunt, Ikegami, Kampro, Pelco, Product Acceleration, Sunell, JVC, ChipER, Eagle Technology, Topica, VTC, Videor Technical, Smartvue, Verint, VDG, PhotoTek and Electronics Line USA.

Pixim will be demonstrating DPS Technology at ISC West, April 5-7, in Booth 18144. The company is online at www.pixim.com.