Videofied Intrusion Alarm to Make U.S. Debut at ISC West

March 14, 2006
RSIalarm's video verification system helps solve problem of false alarms, allows almost instant confirmation

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - RSIalarm’s VIA-Pro (Videofied Intrusion Alarm) alarm system will make its U.S. debut at ISC West 2006, which will be held April 5-7 in Las Vegas (booth #7059). Driven by unique S 2 VIEW technology, Videofied alarm systems offer homeowners access to the same monitoring technology used by banks, jewelry stores, and shopping malls while safeguarding privacy.


The ability to quickly identify crimes in progress gives central stations the ability to support expedited police dispatch. Law enforcement officials respond more quickly to alarm calls when central stations report that they have visually verified an intruder or dangerous situation.


The VIA-Pro includes a patented P-Cam, which combines a PIR (Passive InfraRed motion sensor) with a high-resolution day/night camera. When the system is armed, intruder motion triggers the PIR and the integrated camera captures 10 seconds of video and transmits this Videofied alarm to the central station. Since the camera is activated only during an alarm, homeowner privacy is protected. The central station views the video and determines whether law enforcement dispatch is needed. A request for police dispatch can be made within 20 seconds after the alarm.


“With over 50,000 systems installed in Europe since 2002, there has not been a single report of a false police dispatch or incurring of false alarm fines,” said Keith Jentoft, RSIalarm General Manager. “There has always been a demand for video-based security in the private residence, but privacy concerns have never been addressed. Videofied alarms effectively address these concerns.”


S 2 VIEW (Spread Spectrum, Videofied, Interactive, Encrypted, Wireless) technology is the heart of the Videofied alarm system. S 2 VIEW is a 2-way 915 MHz 25-channel spread spectrum radio with 128 bit military AES encryption. By reinforcing powerful signals with high-grade protection, S 2 VIEW enables rapid, secure transmission of quality images.


“It’s clear that Videofied technology offers value to dealers, customers, and monitoring stations,” said Dennis Dop, RSI Alarm Vice President. “I believe that alarm verification will help deliver the benefits of commercial video technology to every stakeholder in residential security: the homeowner, law enforcement, and the security industry.”


RSIalarm is the creator of the Videofied Intrusion Alarm, which is entirely wireless and integrates easily with existing central station software. The international company was formed by European engineers who have specialized in low-power radio communications since the late 1990s. VIA-Pro is a third-generation product specifically configured for integration with North American installations. “Videofied” is a new word describing the next generation of video verification technology, which addresses the security and privacy concerns of the average homeowner. For more information, please visit