Milestone Solutions and Developers Forum Digs into Integrated IP Solutions

March 14, 2006
IP surveillance software company brings developers together to collaborate for new integration possibilities

COPENHAGEN – Milestone Systems, the market leader for IP video surveillance software, reports big success with their first-ever Milestone Solutions & Developers Forum held in Miami last month.

Milestone Systems recently hosted 100 forward-thinking people for a Solutions and Developers Forum in Florida. The event focused on sharing information with business and technology partners about integrated security solutions that exist today, those that are in the works, and those they can create in the future based on the open IP platform of Milestone video surveillance software.

Technology and solution providers attended the forum to stoke their knowledge about the burgeoning opportunities for integration. Combining previously discrete security and business systems will provide tremendous efficiencies and improved functionality for customers, and increased value adding services from partners. The open platform design of Milestone Systems XProtect IP video surveillance software provides the optimal foundation for this kind of integrated offering, and many examples of these were presented at the event.

Milestone’s management led the affair, with their Chief Developer walking through a comprehensive Milestone Application Program Interface/Software Development Kit (API/SDK) and demonstrating Security Operating Center Solutions. John Moss, the Founder and CEO of S2 Security Corporation presented IP-based access control and management integration with Milestone.

Paul Leskinen, the Chief Developer at Transact Payment Systems, showed a customized viewer for XProtect Enterprise that is useful in financial applications like cash transactions with ATMs. Steve Surfaro, a Senior Manager at Panasonic, illustrated retail loss prevention solutions. Fredrik Nilsson, General Manager of Axis Communications Inc., spoke on the future of IP cameras. Jim Gompers, a security convergence consultant, shared his expertise while moderating an Industry Roundtable called ‘IP Video Solutions for the Future’.

"Milestone is clearly exhibiting its industry leadership with initiatives like this Solutions & Developers Forum.  There is an obvious need for information and knowledge transfer about IP video and open systems applications in today’s rapidly converging marketplace," says Lars Thinggaard, CEO at Milestone Systems.

An article summarizing the topics of the Forum’s Industry Roundtable is available now on the Milestone website, and the integrated solutions will also be presented there in the coming months.

Attendees included Systems Integrators and Value-Added Resellers from IT and Security partner channels, coming from all over North, Central and South America, and as far away as the UK and Switzerland. The participants gave rave reviews: “Very enlightening… Surprising…Extremely informative… Impressive…Excellent applications…Great examples… Very useful…Thinking of ways to incorporate this into my business…Would definitely come again.”

“The week after the event, participants called me personally to say how much they appreciated the networking and knowledge-sharing,” says Eric Fullerton, President of Milestone Systems Inc. “They now have many more ideas on how to integrate different kinds of solutions with Milestone’s open platform IP video surveillance software.”

As the demand for integrated security solutions continues to grow and the development of such offerings expands, Milestone Systems plans to hold similar events annually.

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