Extreme Releases Night Vision Performance Bundle

Feb. 12, 2007
UFLED active-infrared night vision surveillance bundle offers IR illuminator, all-weather housing, mounting kit

Extreme CCTV announces the UFLED Active-Infrared Night Vision Performance Bundle, a 24V turnkey night vision solution for day-night cameras.

The UFLED Performance Bundle turns the mediocre night-time performance of typical day-night cameras into award-winning night vision surveillance, even in total zero lux darkness. The Performance Bundle incorporates the UFLED IR Illuminator for 650 feet of night vision performance, the EX18 All-Weather housing and all associated wall-mount bracketry. The UFLED Active-Infrared Night Vision Kit enables outstanding 24/7 technical surveillance at critical locations such as ports, critical infrastructure, transportation hubs and government buildings.

More information: www.extremecctv.com