Logan Airport to Use Axis Video Servers

March 2, 2006
Mass. Port Authority uses Axis video servers for airport's surveillance system

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – Axis Communications, the global leader in the network video market, announced today that the Massachusetts Port Authority has installed Axis video servers to monitor secure areas in Boston's Logan International Airport. The video servers are part of an integrated security system, which monitors secure access points and baggage, ticketing and gate areas in the airport's Terminal A. The system is scheduled to be deployed throughout all five of the airport's terminals.

The AXIS 241Q Video Servers digitize video from 150 analog cameras installed throughout Terminal A. The video is then transmitted to a control center and integrated with the airport's access control system. This allows the airport's security staff to more easily verify and respond to alarms. For example, if an alarm is triggered at an access point, the control center staff can use the video from the Axis video servers to visually verify whether the breach was truly a violation, a user error or a maintenance problem.

"Axis network video is frequently used for large-scale installations, and the technology is increasingly being installed for transportation applications," said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager for Axis Communications. "Axis network video technology is designed to easily integrate with other security systems, providing a single point of control and enabling efficient video management."

The Axis video servers were installed as part of DVTel's Intelligent Security Operations Center platform. Tour Andover Controls installed the complete security system for the airport, including the digital video management, access control and network video components. When the system is completed, it will cover approximately 1,000 access points and secure areas.

Logan International is the country's 19th busiest airport, based on passenger volume. The airport has 102 gate positions and five passenger terminals, each with its own ticketing, baggage claim and ground transportation facilities.