Panasonic Delivers Video Component to Digital Communities Mobile Video Initiative

Aug. 2, 2006
Citizen safety through new video mobility technology is first focus of consortium

Secaucus, NJ (July 27, 2006) - The goal of connecting and protecting citizens, business and government through the deployment of digital technology is the driving force behind the creation of Digital Communities, a new initiative founded by Intel and bringing together some of the biggest innovators in technology solutions. Digital Communities will offer municipalities myriad ways to improve safety, facilitate community management, bring educational opportunities to citizens and attract new business.

Panasonic Security Systems, a world leader in digital video technology known for superior image quality, is the Digital Communities' partner of choice for video surveillance products. "Physical security is a basic right of all citizens and an important responsibility of government. With 50 years as a recognized leader in professional video surveillance, Panasonic is a natural fit with the Digital Communities program," said Frank DeFina, President, Panasonic System Solutions Company. "By partnering with market-leading system solution providers in accordance with our open infrastructure corporate initiative, we can develop an even greater range of sophisticated network-based applications employing intelligent technology," added DeFina.

"With our comprehensive line of intelligent IP, hybrid, and analog video surveillance solutions, Panasonic's proven technology, quality and reliability deliver the performance and quality required to enhance public safety and security."

Panasonic's existing partnership with security software innovator AirVisual drives the video mobility application, the lead module of Digital Communities. Panasonic Computer Solutions Company provides another key component of the equation with their Toughbook reliable ruggedized notebook computers and Arbitrator mobile digital video recording system. Within the Digital Communities framework, Panasonic, AirVisual and the other partners provide the public sector, first responders and security professionals an innovative way to access, view and record video surveillance. New network and transmission technologies are the key, with digital connectivity independent of protocol-specific limitations.

In a typical system configuration, Panasonic's analog or IP devices make up the video surveillance component of a seamless systems technology that extends beyond the limitations of physical wired networks. This allows security professionals and first responders the ability to access and control video systems while on the move, providing critical real-time information in the field. If a legacy analog security system is in place, the Digital Communities initiative offers the opportunity to go IP with the Panasonic i-Pro Series of intelligent and professional IP video security solutions.

"We are pleased to be a part of this important initiative that will benefit municipalities in so many different ways," said DeFina. "Digital Communities opens the door to opportunity for governments, businesses and citizens alike."

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