Goodrich Awarded Contract from U.S. Army to Improve Night Vision Cameras

Feb. 27, 2006
Company to develop indium gallium arsenide technology for night vision viewing

SINGAPORE - Asian Aerospace 2006 --Goodrich Corporation has been awarded a contract from the U.S. Army's RDECOM CERDEC Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate to design, develop and deliver an indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) technology for use in high-definition, infrared night vision cameras. The contract will further the development of high-resolution, high sensitivity, dual-wavelength cameras that can simultaneously produce images in visible and shortwave infrared (SWIR) wavelengths. This will allow users to capture images in the darkest of night conditions using a new wavelength band and will enable backward compatibility with older imaging technologies.

Goodrich's SWIR team of experts, based in Princeton, N.J. (formerly Sensors Unlimited), is focusing its research and development on a design which minimizes the weight and size of an optical assembly for long-range imaging. The new device will feature: a higher resolution than is currently available in a small array; higher sensitivity in dark or low light conditions; and the potential to lower the cost per unit of the overall camera system.

The resulting camera will have the potential for both civil and defense operations. Applications include covert surveillance, spectroscopy or spectra analysis and hot end process inspection, employed by glass and metal manufacturers to increase production capabilities and yields.

Goodrich has pioneered the design and production of shortwave infrared cameras and systems using advanced InGaAs imaging technology for industrial, commercial, military, agricultural and biomedical markets. For additional information on InGaAs-based shortwave infrared imaging detectors, arrays and systems, visit the "Sensors Unlimited" link found on Goodrich's Optical and Space Systems division homepage at