ThreatViewer Covers the Bases for All-Star Game Security

July 17, 2006
Technology allows security personnel to see in all directions at once

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – As thousands gathered for Major League Baseball’s All-Star game in Pittsburgh, a new technology was deployed that allowed security personnel to see in all directions at once. ThreatViewer, a security technology for critical asset protection and remote monitoring, was selected by InterTECH Security LLC, security consultant and systems integrator for the Pittsburgh Pirates, to enhance security surrounding All-Star week events and monitor critical infrastructure in Pittsburgh.

“These events aren’t just about baseball. Public safety and infrastructure protection were major considerations for the event’s organizers and for public and private-sector security personnel. With its panoramic visual capabilities and flexibility, ThreatViewer is a significant addition to the security mix,” said Chris Wetzel, chief operating officer of InterTECH Security LLC.

During All-Star week events, ThreatViewer was deployed in fixed locations for infrastructure security, utilizing wireless communications to transmit images to security personnel.

“ThreatViewer enabled security personnel at All-Star week events to see in all directions at once from a single position. Typically, multiple cameras are utilized to monitor a location, each providing images within a narrow line of sight. ThreatViewer provides 360-degree, panoramic images from a single position,” said Patrick Esposito II, president and chief operating officer of Augusta Systems Inc., the developer of ThreatViewer.

Esposito noted that ThreatViewer’s flexibility is an important advantage. “ThreatViewer can be utilized in fixed locations or deployed for temporary security purposes. It can be integrated with existing systems or used on a stand-alone basis. ThreatViewer can be completely wireless or hardwired,” he said.

ThreatViewer relies on commercial technologies from Augusta Systems, including the company’s SensorBridge software for rapid development of sensor-based systems, as well as from EyeSee360, Inc., a leading provider of panoramic imaging optics and software.

ThreatViewer is an Augusta Systems security product for critical asset protection and beyond line-of-sight monitoring. ThreatViewer is powered by Augusta Systems’ enabling technologies, including SensorBridge, a sensor-based toolset, featuring design-time and run-time components, which allows developers and engineers to rapidly develop and deploy diverse sensor-based applications. It features the company’s sensor processing system that enables at-point processing and long-range wireless communications, as well as panoramic imaging technologies developed by EyeSee360, Inc.

Augusta Systems provides enabling technologies for sensor optimization including SensorBridge, a toolset for rapid development and flexible management of sensor-based applications. These technologies assist business and government with managing the data overload resulting from wide-scale sensor deployments for security, asset tracking, and monitoring by providing flexible tools to streamline the process of developing and managing sensor-based systems. For more information, please visit

EyeSee360, Inc., a spin-off of Carnegie Mellon University, provides market leading technologies for single-shot panoramic imaging through their 360 One VR, PhotoWarp, and VideoWarp products. For more information, please visit

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