Mitsubishi Introduces CD Training Guide for DX-TL910U Ultra-Compact DVR

June 30, 2005
Guide offers effective tutorials on set-up, operation, specs

Underlining the ease of t digital video recorder with built-in network operation and the versatile range of applications of its DX-TL910U ultra-compacfunctionality, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Inc. has introduced an interactive product guide CD that simply and practically explains the features and applications of the unit. Featuring advanced Flash animations and audio effects, the guide provides installers with effective tutorials on how to operate the DVR with supplemental information including product/setup guides and specs.

"In offering this guide we're enabling users to extract the most from our technology by providing a visually appealing, easy to use training tool," explained Jeff Kiuchi, Product Specialist, Mitsubishi Security Products. "The DX-TL910U provides highly advanced digital recording features geared for smaller stores, parking lots, schools and professional offices and this new guide ensures customers in these markets can have the assurance of advanced security without requiring an advanced degree in DVR technology."

The DX-TL910U is positioned for as an ideal DVR where space is limited yet requirements for high-end digital recording security is required. The nine-input DX-TL910U features built-in networking and includes programmable main and spot monitors. The DX-TL910U has a built-in nine-camera multiplexer and supports up to nine camera inputs and looping outputs. The unit records up to 60 wavelet pictures per second (PPS) on built-in 250GB of internal HD (500GB option also available) and features an imbedded operating system and easily navigated user interface using a Jog/Shuttle for menu programming and special playback. Advanced features include unique recording settings to optimize storage capacity, built-in motion detection and support for independent regular and alarm recording of grade and PPS. The DX-TL910U supports timer recording and comes with a CFC slot to support Compact Flash Memory cards that can be used to copy pre-recorded video or to save or upload the unit's menu settings.

A sample clip can be seen and the full version CD can be ordered for free on the company's website at