QNAP Introduces Crystal Clear Video Monitoring with DVR Server VioGate-340

Oct. 27, 2005
Systems designed to provide long-term uninterrupted video recording

To fulfill the increasing demand for high quality image monitoring of surveillance products that can be applied in network, QNAP Systems, Inc. has released the high standard MPEG-4 surveillance server—VioGate-340. Differed from general DVR products, QNAP VioGate-340 adopts 4 sets of hardware MPEG-4 compression chip. Each channel supports resolution level of up to 720x480 (Full-D1) which can help clearly identify the face of moving persons and car plate. Each channel can transfer 30 FPS instant image via the network with quality comparable to DVD. VioGate-340 is the only powerful DVR model that supports Full-D1 resolution, 30 FPS, smooth and clear image monitoring in the current market.

VioGate-340 is particularly suitable for integration in large-scale surveillance and can be widely used in hospitals, ports, schools and all convenient store chains. A traditional surveillance system is hard to implement and manage in cross regions, particularly for convenience store chains which run 24x7 and needs long-term uninterrupted video recording. VioGate-340 supports up to 1TB storage capacity and smart recording technology to optimize disk space for saving video files. The head monitoring center can access and view the images of all cameras in thousands of convenience stores anytime. In case of robbery, VioGate-340 can trigger GPIO alert to activate alarm and send SMS to the mobile phone of the store manager immediately. Other managers of the store chain can view real-time condition of the attacked store by accessing to the network. The excellent video quality of VioGate-340 enables clear image and identification of human face, wear and car plate, which can be strong evidence of any accidents and serves as an effective warning to prevent crime.

Recorded images in all stores can be played back to filter all suspects in the shortest time when VioGate-340 is implemented. VioGate-340 combines network DVR application and is the only model that supports surveillance in cross-regions to provide complete protection.

VioGate-340 inherits embedded Linux technology adopted by QNAP which is highly reliable and well-protected from virus. The server can be easily installed in a few steps. With the graphic web administration interface, the server can be easily managed by IE browser to enhance flexible and efficient control.