IBS Upgrades OzVision Integration for its SBN Automation Software

Oct. 10, 2005
Enhancements help bring video into operator's workstations faster and more seamless

OzVision, the standard for video verification and video services in central stations, announced that IBS has upgraded its integration with OzVision in their SBN automation software. The enhancements to the integration, based on requests from IBS central station customers, help bring the video coming into the operator's workstation faster and more seamless. Further, SBN is now compatible with the latest releases of OzVision’s video products.

"Integration with IBS allows dispatchers to view video at any workstation using the SBN automation software they're familiar with," said James Rankin, manager of systems for IBS. "With OzVision, monitoring stations can offer remote video monitoring services, which opens up countless new recurring monthly revenue opportunities."

OzVision Compatible has become the standard for video monitoring services in central stations. Receiving pre- and post-alarm video clips simultaneously with the alarm signal enables dispatchers to prioritize and verify alarms before acting on them – an ideal solution to the false alarm problem and no-response policies. OzVision Compatible products include DSC's VVM110, Honeywell's V4000 and the Bosch rvm4C

"We're pleased that IBS has updated its integration with OzVision," added Ed Mallen, president and CEO of OzVision. "Their customers will now be better able to verify alarms with video, minimize false alarms, offer new services for both new and existing customers and increase recurring monthly revenue."

For further information on OzVision, visit www.ozvision.com. IBS is online at www.ibsoft-us.com.