Matrox Morphis Frame Grabber Adds Real-Time Image Authentication

Oct. 10, 2005
Frame Grabber offers immediate authentication via image 'fingerprint'

Matrox Imaging has announced that the Matrox Morphis frame grabber is now available with a real-time image authentication offload engine that allows you to help identify whether or not an image has been tampered with. Image authentication is based on the 256-bit Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-256) for fingerprint calculation and the 1024-bit SRA Cryptography standard for fingerprint encryption. Images can be verified later for their authenticity by comparing a newly calculated fingerprint to the decrypted original fingerprint.

Matrox Morphis for PCI/ PC/104-Plus
Featuring a dual decoder design, the Matrox Morphis for PCI and PC/104-Plus form factors also support ultra-fast channel switching between multiple video inputs, making them ideal for video surveillance applications. Additionally, an on-board JPEG2000 hardware accelerator facilitates real-time image archiving and transmission for surveillance applications.

The Matrox Morphis captures from NTSC, PAL, RS-170 and CCIR video sources, and supports simultaneous acquisition of two live video streams. The board's scalable design permits users to connect and switch between a maximum of 16 CVBS, 8 Y/C or a combination of inputs.

Software support is available for Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP, and consists of the field-proven, hardware-independent Matrox Imaging Library (MIL)/ActiveMIL or MIL-Lite/ActiveMIL-Lite development toolkits for creating custom applications.

Pricing for the Matrox Morphis with a real-time image authentication offload engine starts at $995 US OEM (quantity 1) and is now shipping.

Matrox is online at