Mercantile National Bank Moves to High Definition Camera System

April 19, 2005
Bank moves to CoVi EVQ-1000 high definition camera to increase surveillance video quality

Mercantile National Bank, a financial institution, has significantly increased the quality and image resolution of its video monitoring surveillance system with the installation of several High-Definition EVQ-1000 cameras from CoVi Technologies. Mercantile Bank operates 19 branches throughout Northwest Indiana with eight remote ATM locations and more than 40 ATM's. All of the banks branch and remote ATMs are under 24 hour live and recorded surveillance.

The Mercantile Bank uses its video surveillance capabilities for both onsite security and fraud prevention. That is why it is so important for the bank to have a camera positioned over each teller station that offers an exceptional detailed field of view and crystal-clear images. The camera also must quickly adapt to light and dark environments, and quick image motion.

One CoVi EVQ-1000 camera can replace the two leading industry cameras. With CoVi's patented zoom-under-picture (ZUP) technology, security personnel can efficiently monitor all of the teller activities with a single camera and zoom-in independently with CoVi's electronic pan-tilt-zoom (EPTZ) capability. The bank also can monitor a wider-view of the overall bank lobby for more effective crime prevention and customer protection.

"Recorded video is the first thing law enforcement officers ask for when investigating any type of criminal activity in a bank," said Frank Dupey, Chief Security Officer at Mercantile National Bank. "Also, if criminals see a fairly robust display of video cameras at strategic locations around a bank, they will most likely move to another not so well protected target. Video surveillance is a proven deterrent to crime and provides a reliable visual record for date/time stamped activities and events."

Dupey added that as a retired police officer, he understands the importance of clear video images that can be used to identify a suspect. Too often, the video is blurred or of such poor quality that it is simply useless in a criminal investigation.

"It makes no sense to invest thousands of dollars in a security system and not have a reliable video surveillance component that can provide high quality live and recorded images," said Dupey. "Saving money means nothing if it compromises your security and your ability to protect employees. The CoVi camera provides the clearest video image that I have ever seen. You feel you can reach-out and touch the images on your monitor'it looks that good."

According to Frank Trimboli, director of the Eastern region at CoVi Technologies, "Quality video surveillance has become the number one concern of anyone charged with the security of a private or commercial establishment. We are discovering all types of challenging applications for video surveillance where image resolution and reliable video retrieval is a major decision factor. CoVi has the capability to easily address these concerns."