INEX Technologies Unveils New Automatic License Plate Reader Technology

Aug. 30, 2005
Integrated system uses dynamic illuminator to adjust to variety of lighting situations

INEX Technologies of Knoxville, Tenn., a supplier of Automatic License Plate Reader systems, has a new HY190 integrated camera/illuminator. The high resolution device employs the most current sensor combined with pulsed infrared, LED illumination and the newly developed DynaCapture system. DynaCapture provides the user a variety of dynamic settings ensuring license plate capturing under all types of lighting and weather conditions. Headlights, full sunlight or complete darkness will not interfere with the capture of excellent license plate information at distances of 75feet and at angles too difficult for other such equipment.

This advanced compact imaging system is built for extreme environments and is protected against moisture, dust, rain, or snow.

The HY190 is designed to be compatible with the INEX/Zamir InSignia 4 family of automatic license plate recognition systems. The new device can also be deployed independent of the recognition software for a variety of forensic storage and retrieval applications such as a (DVR) digital video recorder.

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