TeleEye Introduces Network Camera with PCMCIA Interface

March 28, 2005
Camera can be used in both mobile and stationary applications

TeleEye Group has introduced a new counterpart, the NF630, to its TeleEye III+ NF Network Camera Series. TeleEye III+ NF630 is a 1/3-inch CCD, CS-mount color camera with RJ-45 interface for video surveillance via any TCP/IP networks. TeleEye III+ NF630 incorporates the company's proprietary compression technology, which offers excellent performance on video transmission via low to medium bandwidth transmission media. Its maximum frame refreshing rates are up to 25 and 30fps on ADSL connection for PAL and NTSC models respectively with maximum picture resolution at 640x480 pixels. With built-in PCMCIA interface design, TeleEye III+ NF630 is a professional and high quality network camera for video surveillance, recording and event management.

Built-in PCMCIA Interface

TeleEye III+ NF630 can expand its functionality with its built-in PCMCIA interface. When plugging in a microdrive card, TeleEye III+ NF630 can be converted into a network camera with recording capability like continuous, scheduled and event-driven recording. Recording rate of up to 25/30 fps can be achieved. When a GSM card is used, TeleEye III+ NF630 will become a mobile camera for video transmission supporting GSM network with speed at 9600bps. It is an ideal network camera for remote monitoring of any locations that could not be reached by fixed network.

Video Motion Detection

TeleEye III+ NF630 can detect video motion. Actions like alarm dial-back, relay control and email notification can be configured according to the user's setting. Event images can be recorded to PCMCIA memory card or remote PC for future reference.

RS-485 Interface

TeleEye III+ NF630 can be easily interfaced with telemetry decoder for pan/tilt/zoom operations. It supports popular protocols including Pelco-D, Panasonic, Vicon, etc. Dynamic IP Connection & Multi-site Monitoring With sureLINK technology in TeleEye III+ NF630, user can access live videos through dynamic IP Internet connection with a unique IP address. By using TeleEye Multi-site Reception Software, up to 16 sets of TeleEye III+ NF630 Network Camera can be linked together to build a large CCTV network. No extra cabling cost is required. TeleEye III+ NF630 Network Camera enables cost effective and efficient management of video.

More Sophisticated Features

TeleEye III+ NF630 also carries many sophisticated features like back light compensation, auto iris and auto white balance, 1.0 lux light sensitivity, pre- & post-alarm recording, multiple users video access and more.

With its unique and versatile features, TeleEye III+ NF630 Network Camera is ideal to serve a wide spectrum of industries and applications from large government projects to small shop surveillance.