OzVision Collaborates with Honeywell for Video Verification Module

Aug. 22, 2005
OzVision module integrates with VISTA alarm panels to provide alarm verification video clips

OzVision, the leading developer of remote video compression technology for the security, cellular telecommunications and data communications industries, announced that it has collaborated with Honeywell to provide the technology for its new event-driven video verification module.

Honeywell's V4000 Remote Video System is an OzVision Compatible, "plug-and-play" module that integrates seamlessly with its VISTA Series alarm panels. The V4000 works like a digital dialer in an alarm panel by dialing in to the central station and transmitting pre and post video clips of a triggered event over standard telephone and cellular lines. By adding the V4000 module, security dealers can now increase recurring revenue by offering their customers new video monitoring services for security and business management at OzVision Compatible central stations. These services include visual verification, open/close video reports, scheduled video tours and video e-mail notification on events.

"The V4000 is revolutionizing remote video. Honeywell security dealers can go back to their existing customers or offer new customers a video solution for their VISTA panels that is cost-effective and easy to install," said Ed Mallen, president and CEO of OzVision. "We expect video services to become more widespread this year."

OzVision has integrated its solution with the major automation software companies including MAS, Bold, Dice and SIMS. These integrated solutions allow central stations to become OzVision Compatible and offer video monitoring services.

Video clips from the V4000 are digitized and compressed using OzVision's patented video compression technology to create files that are much smaller than conventional ones and which maintain a high level of video quality regardless of the amount of motion captured.

OzVision Compatible has become a standard for video monitoring services in central stations. Receiving pre- and post-alarm video clips simultaneously with the alarm signal enables the central station dispatchers to prioritize and verify alarms before acting on them – an ideal solution to the false alarm problem and no-response policies.

Honeywell plans to introduce the V4000 at the 2005 ISC East show in New York.

For further information about OzVision contact 781-932-6900 or visit their website at www.ozvision.com.

For further information about the V4000, visit http://www.security.honeywell.com/hsce/.