CTI provides Video Products for St. Louis Intelligent Transportation System

Aug. 4, 2005
Company's encoders and decoders used as part of state's DoT traffic surveillance project

Springfield, Va. - Video Convergence, the video surveillance products and integration services division of Cornet Technology, Inc. (CTI), announced that the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is using CTI's encoders and decoders in an intelligent transportation system (ITS) in St. Louis, Missouri. CTI's video products are already in use as part of other intelligent transportation systems across the country, including KC Scout (www.kcscout.com) in Kansas City, Missouri.

St. Louis's ITS, called Gateway Guide (www.gatewayguide.com), is a joint venture among four organizations: MoDOT, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), the East-West Gateway Coordinating Council and Metro, the St. Louis Mass Transit Authority. Gateway Guide is designed to assist motorists and emergency response services across the state by providing information in real time to help prevent and assist in resolving traffic incidents.

CTI's CDX-350 encoders compress live analog video feeds from video cameras throughout the Gateway Guide system into MPEG-2 digital streams. This compression utilizes less bandwidth without compromising the quality of the image, enabling a more efficient transmission of digital streams. Once these streams reach the traffic operations center, CTI's CDX-350 decoders convert the digital signal back into analog video for real-time viewing on various displays and computer screens.

CTI's CDX-350 encoders and decoders support both MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 formats and offer less than 250-millisecond end-to-end latency for near real-time transmission of high-quality images. The CDX-350 encoders and decoders also feature a wide range of resolution and frames per second (FPS) choices, ease of control, and multiple serial port functionality and networking options. Allowing multiple video and data streams to share the same network path, the CDX-350 encoders and decoders are space efficient and eliminate the expense of creating additional links for control channels.

"At Video Convergence, we know the importance of ITS in a major metropolitan area, such as St. Louis, and are very pleased to provide our products for the Gateway Guide project. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the state of Missouri to help in their quest to implement intelligent transportation systems statewide," said Sunil Mehta, president, Video Convergence division of Cornet Technology, Inc.