SmartConnect Releases Restaurant Vision on Demand

Feb. 23, 2005
SmartConnect offers restaurants new technology to deter theft and loss using existing surveillance systems

SmartConnect, a leading provider of video-centric business intelligence solutions, announced the availability of Restaurant Vision On Demand, a powerful loss prevention system that helps restaurant operators combat the ongoing problem of employee theft. SmartConnect's Restaurant Vision systems help operators turn video surveillance into a proactive, efficient loss prevention tool. Building on the success customers have seen through the use of Restaurant Vision licensed software, the new Restaurant Vision On Demand system provides customers with a low cost monthly subscription service, which minimizes equipment and data storage costs and eliminates the need for an on-site IT specialist.

Restaurant Vision On Demand makes video searchable by key business event, enabling managers to quickly and efficiently identify employee theft and monitor effectiveness of training. The number of ways owners and managers are vulnerable at the cash register can include register overrides, line item voids, discounts, coupons, excessive tips or checks under a certain amount. Restaurant Vision On Demand can also be used to collect data from time clocks, cash counting machines, alarms and thermostats to monitor operations. Detailed, customized transaction reports combined with the visual action of streaming video, both real-time and stored, can be accessed securely via any PC or wireless handheld device through a simple Web browser.

"The Restaurant Vision On Demand system is invaluable," said Rod O'Neal, vice president of the SeaTac Bar Group, which implemented the beta version of Restaurant Vision On Demand in two restaurant/bar locations that were opened recently as part of Seattle International Airport's expansion. "The remote capability is crucial to our success because we manage our Seattle operations from our home office in Las Vegas. We expect to see a return on investment within three to six months."

"SmartConnect is committed to providing superior, efficient business intelligent systems," said Henry Valentino, president and CEO of SmartConnect. "Restaurant Vision On Demand allows our clients to oversee their operations from any location, even while on vacation. The system is affordable for any size business and is ideal for those with high volume cash operations."

Restaurant Vision On Demand can be deployed over new or existing surveillance systems in restaurants, bars and retail locations. The system works with most existing cameras and provides a rapid return on investment.