Pelco and IBM combine powerful camera and VMS technology with intelligent video analytics

April 11, 2018
Targets multiple vertical market challenges for cities, airports and schools

LAS VEGAS (Apr. 11, 2018)​ – Pelco™ by Schneider Electric, a global leader in surveillance and security, today announced a technology alliance with IBM, the global technology company and leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), to create “Pelco Analytics Powered by IBM.” The collaboration seamlessly integrates IBM’s deep learning analytics into Pelco’s video management system (VMS), leveraging data from video footage to quickly identify and respond to potential risks or opportunities. The analytics can quickly analyze huge volumes of archived video to identify people and objects of interest, dramatically decreasing the time needed for video forensic analyses. In addition, the solution identifies patterns of movement and behavior that help cities and enterprises mitigate risk and lower operational costs through improved processes and better policy enforcement.

Today, video surveillance cameras create more than 850 petabytes of data per day*, making it prohibitively expensive, if not impossible, for surveillance professionals to watch and analyze all of the captured footage. Additionally, only three percent of video cameras have any intelligent capabilities. Without enhanced analytics and automated processes, those that depend on video surveillance are only getting a small fraction of the value. The alliance between Pelco and IBM will enable a new level of customization through end-to-end, code-level integration that includes hardware, VMS and analytics capabilities in one truly seamless solution.

“We will deliver new solutions powered by IBM’s intelligent video analytics (IVA) for cities, airports and schools utilizing automated zone monitoring, facial detection and object recognition to alert authorized parties of situations requiring action,” said Robert Beliles, Chief Marketing Officer of Pelco by Schneider Electric.

Pelco’s video management system user interface for analytics will be optimized, based upon the solution, to provide a superior user experience. The new efficiencies offered through Pelco’s VideoXpert VMS and Pelco Analytics Powered by IBM will allow cities and other large commercial and public organizations to manage video from thousands of cameras, analyze patterns of movement and behavior, and make changes to processes and policies that can help mitigate or eliminate potential problems.

“Our strategic alliance with IBM builds on Pelco’s mission to leverage the full power of video to ensure video footage receives proper evaluation, attention, and action,” said Jean-Marc Theolier, CEO of Pelco by Schneider Electric. “By fully integrating and leveraging IBM’s expertise in deep learning and powerful algorithms, we will create more efficient and safer business, school and city environments, with the ultimate goal of making the world a better place to work, live and learn.”

“This collaboration combines both IBM’s and Pelco’s knowledge and experience in verticals and enterprises to drive best practices and innovative, new solutions,” said Mark Gildersleeve, Head of Business Solutions for Watson Content and IoT Platform, IBM. “Together, we aim to help cities and enterprises make smarter, safer decisions.”

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*Source: Markets & Markets Video Analytics Market – Global Forecast to 2022