SIW Tech Notes at GSX 2022: Day 2

Sept. 14, 2022
Global Guardian, Lantronix among those showing their vision of providing security.

Exhibit Hall and Conference sessions of significance were well-attended on the second GSX 2022 day of exhibits, the third day of sessions and for many solution providers, the fourth or fifth day in Atlanta. In a security solution, every element has been prepared for practitioners to use, and little should be taken for granted. Accordingly, this day’s coverage provides foundational perspective.

Experience our video interview content, posted on the SecurityInfoWatch YouTube channel:

Global Guardian

SIW was truly fortunate to capture an interview with Dale Buckner, CEO Global Guardian, who was able to deploy recently in Ukraine. From global emergency planning, active-shooter plans, guard automation through IP Video, mobile apps, Global Guardian is a true security leadership organization, fusing preparedness, response and technology. Buckner’s perspective of balancing expectations, technologies and being prepared by relying on just a few leaders gives us a preview of his “Building An Effective Emergency Plan: It’s More Than Just a Piece of Paper” session and, ultimately, how you can survive an active-shooter scenario.


Although infrastructure standards and solutions might not be show floor buzz, they are of absolute importance to IT professionals and the creative practitioners who know to leverage this for security program cost containment, system sustainability, upgradability and resilience when the unthinkable occurs.

Lantronix, with its acquisition of Transition Networks, has presented an extraordinary gift to this industry — the fusion of virtually every connectivity mode, with redundancy and adhering to IEEE Power over Ethernet (PoE), cellular (3G, 4G, 5G and multicarrier support), Wi-Fi, fiber, RF antenna diversity, Bluetooth and even NFC for inventory, in a small, yet functional package and a temperature range able to withstand Alaska and Arizona. This is the forthcoming LS series, a product that should be stocked on-site by every enterprise IT professional, not just “just-in-time” distributors who carry Lantronix, which is basically all of them. Add this box to your “go kit,” along with SIMs from major carriers, when you travel to where the connectivity is unknown, and you’ll sleep better. For example, if I had brought one of these and gotten permission from the Georgia World Congress Convention Center to bridge this device via existing Ethernet cable or wireless bridge, I would have had the full wireless spectrum to perform live streaming, two floors down.

Wes Gosnell of Lantronix might have the modest RSM title on his business card, but he is an encyclopedia of infrastructure and is interviewed on the SIW YouTube channel. Complementing the LS are the new and existing Lantronix array of hardened Ethernet switches, explosionproof assemblies, media converters in virtually every combination and even a remote tamper switch add-on, so you know when products are serviced, hopefully!

Field Forensics

FFI creates test kits and handheld instruments for explosives, narcotics and threat-chemical detection and identification, including the much sought-after Teledyne ICM standalone real-time digital radiography system for security applications. C-View Security is lightweight, at a little over 12 pounds, incorporates an 18-volt Dewalt battery in a ruggedized portable digital radiography system. The Go-Scan CMOS 99 µm pixel pitch detector and 70-kilovolt x-ray source allows for high-definition real-time image acquisition in a package the inspector quickly can put around tires, suitcases, bags and even vehicle edges, a common concealment location.

FFI’s Craig Johnson demonstrated the Teledyne ICM products, as he has done in the past to agencies and corporations, on the most sophisticated student-made detonators. C-View will give bomb squad operators and security team a clear image of the inside of any suspicious object or baggage in real time, and Craig is a wonderful expert who caught the eye of a special agent at the FAA. Craig also reviewed an amazingly simple blast-resistant trash can, included in the video interview on the SIW YouTube site.


Carter Maslan, CEO of Camio and former director of product management at Google, demonstrated Camio Flex, the first VMS alternative to put industry-standard cameras to work anywhere using the Kubernetes ecosystem. Instead of upfront licensing fees, users pay only for the services used. The AI algorithms run on extraordinary, powerful platforms, such as, and include object classification and skeletal detection. “Camio set up our tailgating solution in less than an hour using our existing cameras,” Maslan says. “Now we’re able to protect our profit margins by charging for nonmember guests and protect the well-being of everyone who passes through our doors.”

Steve Surfaro is chairman of the Public Safety Working Group for the Security Industry Association (SIA) and has more than 30 years of security industry experience. He is a subject matter expert in smart cities and buildings, cybersecurity, forensic video, data science, command center design and first responder technologies. Follow him on Twitter, @stevesurf.