3xLOGIC VIGIL V250 Hybrid V250-8A16-2TB NVR

April 5, 2016
ISC West booth #25075

The 3xLOGIC V250 Hybrid is a 2U chassis hybrid NVR with an 8-port POE switch and 16-channel analog looping inputs. This NVR comes standard with a 2TB hard drive, and VIGIL Server and Client software.

The V250 Hybrid provides the perfect replacement solution for aging analog systems. By combining a NVR and analog DVR in the same chassis, an old DVR can be replaced without requiring the replacement of existing cameras. Backed up with the embedded POE switch, new IP cameras can be added as analogs require replacement or as the needs of the end user change.

Key Selling Points

  • 8-port embedded POE switch—30W/port; 150W total to support all of your IP camera needs
  • 16-analog looping inputs--quickly replace existing, aging cameras
  • Embedded 4-in/2-out alarm input/output—easily connect to, and associate alarm points with video
  • Easy Setup Wizard—quick, simple, guided deployment

 The V250 Hybrid offers tremendous value for any existing analog system by providing a simple way to add high resolution IP cameras to an existing analog camera system. Simply replace the existing analog DVR with a V250 Hybrid and add a high resolution IP camera to the front door or cash register area to provide high resolution mug shots or a better view of cash counting. No need for a network switch or changes to your existing network infrastructure. Simply plug the IP cameras into the POE ports on the V250 and let our Easy Setup Wizard configure it for you.