Quantum selected as exclusive on-premises infrastructure provider for GSO 2025

July 15, 2022
Demonstrations to play an essential role in hands-on learning portion of event

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 13, 2022 -- Quantum Corporation (NASDAQ: QMCO) is pleased to announce its status as sponsor and on-premises infrastructure provider at the upcoming GSO 2025 event on Nov. 2-3 in Dallas, Texas. Quantum’s VS-HCI Series platform, optimized for video surveillance and physical security, will serve as the GSO Hands-On Tech Lab’s infrastructure. This system will be demonstrated live at the event to educate attendees on how it can deliver a more resilient, flexible, and cost-effective approach to unifying video surveillance and other physical security applications.

Additional Quantum participation at the event includes: 

Consulting with the security industry leaders in attendance on how hyperconverged infrastructure may address their requirements and security objectives. 

A demonstration of the Quantum VS-HCI Series resilience, flexibility and scalability which are key requirements found in mission-critical security environments around the world such as airports, energy/utilities, universities, entertainment complexes, cities, and federal government environments. 

“Just as security threats continue to evolve, security leaders must also adapt to the changing technology and risk landscape,” explained Ray Bernard, GSO 2025 co-founder, “Quantum’s hyperconverged infrastructure demonstrates how security leaders can improve their resilience and efficiency while lowering costs by consolidating multiple security applications onto one common infrastructure, which we believe is the future of security and surveillance infrastructure.” 

Combined, the Hands-On Lab and sessions deliver tangible education on future security and surveillance strategies and technologies. Equipped with this knowledge, security leaders in attendance will leave GSO 2025 with a perspective beyond the traditional legacy mindset and a deeper understanding of their industry’s future. 

More on GSO 2025 can be found at gsoevents.com. Learn more about Quantum’s VS-HCI here