The security week that was: 01/06/12 (The New SIW)

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Corporate security concerns for 2012
Thinking about global corporate security? While the Occupy movement may have lost some momentum (probably lost due to dropping temperature more than anything else), iJet is predicting some new issues to be aware of for 2012. Major flooding, global kidnapping, national food shortages – these are the things that iJet thinks could cause new tensions for governments in 2012 and which could put unrest at the doors of your overseas operations. Read their list of global security concerns to watch.

In other news
An eighth grader who presented a gun at a school was shot dead by police in the school's hallway. It's a reminder of the continued vigilance in the area of school security, but more importantly it says "Wake up, parents, and pay some attention to your children!!!" ... Parking lots continue to be one of the areas where you can expect violent incidents. A patient left a Georgia hospital to smoke a cigarette in the parking garage and ended up with a gunshot to his abdomen that put him right back in the hospital. Fortunately security officers found the victim quickly while looking for who might have fired the shots. ... An armed robbery of a New York pharmacy left an ATF agent dead, and now New York's Senator Schumer is calling for heightened security at drugstores. Prescription drug theft was the crime that precipitated the subsequent death of the ATF agent, and continues to be a problem for pharmacy operators.