Identix Receives $3.3M in Orders to Upgrade Fingerprint Live Scan Networks

MINNETONKA, Minn.--Identix Incorporated announced the receipt of new purchase orders over the past few weeks with a total value of approximately $3.3 million for the delivery of Identix TouchPrint Enhanced Definition ten-print and full hand live scan systems. The orders are from federal agencies and state and local law enforcement agencies that are upgrading and expanding existing live scan networks.

Customers select Identix' TouchPrint Enhanced Definition live scan because the systems employ technologies that take into account subjects with different size fingers and skin colors, sweaty fingers and users rolling fingers at different speeds. Customers benefit from the production of clear, crisp fingerprint images with virtually no distortion or false minutiae that can be caused by smudging and smearing. Because the systems are designed to maintain consistent image quality over time, and have no moving parts in the optics deck and no silicon pads or coatings to change, customers received maximum reliability and minimal downtime, lowering their total overall cost of ownership. Identix expects to recognize revenue related to these purchase orders over the course of the next three months.

Last week Identix announced the introduction of its latest live scan product targeted at customers with dual requirements for slap and roll fingerprinting in a very small and lightweight form factor (6 inch by 6 inch and less than five pounds). The Identix TouchPrint Enhanced Definition 4100 Slap & Roll live scan system, which is expected to be ready for shipping in September 2006, is designed to meet the size and weight standards set forth by the Department of Homeland Security for its border management initiatives and is being marketed towards border management agencies worldwide and other entities that must meet specific size and weight requirements for their identity management implementations.