2009-10 School Year off to Rough Start

If August and September were any indication, this could be a challenging year for campus security officials. So far there have been well over 50 lockdowns at K-12 schools and college and university campuses across the country.

Unfortunately, there have also been fatal shootings and stabbings on U.S. campuses. The victims include a university student, several high school students and a special education teacher. Following these events, campuses were quickly locked down by administrators.

Other lockdowns have been initiated for a variety of reasons including a police search for bank robbers, a student seen with a firearm on school property, suspicious persons near campus property and an armed standoff at a home near a school.

While the number of lockdowns may be alarming, Patrick Fiel, ADT’s public safety advisor, said campus administrators are generally showing good sense in acting quickly to protect students.

“Campus lockdowns can play a vital role in an emergency plan,” he said. “But they are only one part of a plan. Technology, such as video surveillance, access control and mass notification systems, also plays an important role. I urge all administrators to make sure they have completed a thorough risk assessment to make sure they are as prepared as possible when an emergency strikes.”

-- PSW Staff