Full range of solutions at ASSA ABLOY

March 23, 2022
Electronic door hardware and access control solutions on display at ISC West 2022

As befits a company whose security solutions span nearly all categories, ASSA ABLOY will bring a broad array of new products together at the annual ISC West trade show. The first thing one might notice, however, is that the booth is new as well.

The new booth, in ASSA ABLOY’s traditional location on the show floor, will include a virtual 360-degree tour aimed at visualizing how the company’s locking solutions would fit into educational and healthcare facilities.

Here’s a look at a few of the many products that are expected to be on display:

Adams Rite

The Adams RiteDL100 wireless deadlatch is the latest addition to ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio family, which has a wireless connection between the lock and the card/mobile credential reader as well as to the access control system. The deadlatch is based on Adams Rite’s venerable Steel Hawk 4300, which is the dominant choice for electrifying aluminum storefront doors as part of a retrofit.

Having a wireless option is expected to be a boon for installers who work in commercial and retail markets. “Wiring a storefront door is a pain,” says Larry Schwalb, security engineer with Houdini Lock & Safe of Philadelphia. He mentions the necessity to run wires through the door in the ceiling or basement, if possible, and dealing with a big pane of glass in the door. “Locksmiths have generally wanted to just work in the lock area. They really don’t want to go further, so that’s why all this wireless technology is enticing.”

The DL100, technically, replaces the A100 in the Aperio lineup, but the A100 is a wireless trim for deadlatches, deadlocks and exit devices and not a deadlatch. As such, the DL100 can replace existing mechanical Adams Rite 4500 and 4900 series deadlatches and 1850 Series deadlocks but won’t work with exit devices, says Sylvons Iyavoo, the senior product manager for Adams Rite.

The DL100 had been delayed while engineers solved problems that are typical of battery use in outdoor locks, where cold temperatures can prove problematic to operation.


The HES KS210 is the latest addition to the company’s KS series of server cabinet locks. The KS210 incorporates RS-485 Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) wired communication. (A different version in the lineup uses Wiegand communication.) OSDP allows for improved device interoperability and stronger (AES128) encryption. The KS210 also allows for Bluetooth mobile credentials.

That the lock can be integrated with access control makes it an important part of what Benjamin Williams, director of product management, electromechanical solutions at ASSA ABLOY, calls “concentric layers” of security necessary to protect sensitive records, particularly in the healthcare market. These layers include locking the server cabinets as well as the rooms that the cabinets are in.


High-security company Medeco’s focus will be on expansions and upgrades that increase the functionality of its intelligent-key systems, CLIQ and XT. Two pieces of software, one for each key system, are aimed at access control.

For the XT, Genetec integration was enhanced so all access control of keys, locks and the Identification and Programming Device can be managed through a single interface. For CLIQ, an on-premises management solution is aimed at small- and medium-sized businesses.

The Intelligent Key Cabinet (IKC) XT version, which charges as well as stores XT keys, also received a couple of recent tweaks — full integration with XT software, which simplifies the removal and return of keys, and an improved user interface. The IKC electronically records when keys are removed or returned and can be opened via prox, PIN or fingerprint.


Safer2Open is ASSA ABLOY’s spectrum of products that allow doors to operate hands-free, ranging from low-tech arm and foot pulls up to touchless actuators and automatic door openers that can be tied to access control.

One noteworthy product that’s part of the spectrum is the Norton 5800 Series ADAEZ door operator.

The Norton door operator uses a regenerative battery pack that allows, on average, for one automatic opening for every four manual openings. A fully charged battery can open a door 2,000 times in a row automatically. However, it also can be connected with a 24 VDC power supply or a plug-in 110 VAC outlet through the addition of a Norton kit to create a potentially constant touchless passage.

Such a product, because of its lower cost, can bring touchless access to more doors in a building, says Peter Boriskin, chief technology officer of ASSA ABLOY Americas.

And that’s just at ASSA ABLOY’s main booth. Other ASSA ABLOY companies will have their own booths to display products on the show floor in addition to the main booth: Alarm Controls (8064), Ameristar (8075), HID (8053), LifeSafety Power (8081), Mul-T-Lock (5060) and Traka (9073).

For more information, visit the ASSA ABLOY booth at ISC West, booth number 8061.

About the author: Will Christensen is a senior editor for the Locksmith Ledger International. He can be reached at [email protected].