Continental CA3000 adds cross time zone support

Jan. 7, 2008
Cross time zone support offered with v2.6 upgrade of Card Access 3000

Continental Access, a division of Napco Security Group and leader in access control, has been working hard to improve and create new features for its Card Access 3000 v.2.6 upgrade. Talented designers and engineers keep Continental's hardware and software above its competition with consistent reliability, flexibility and excellent customer service. Improved user-friendly archiving features are included in our new CA3000 software. Extra services eliminate the need for the host to be archiving for a more secure environment. What's more, future CA3000 software will eventually be fully compatible with Windows Vista OS and MS SQL 2005.

The latest improvements to CA3000's software, includes added cross time zone support. Our system now allows various facilities in different time regions to see their events, as well as events from other facilities, based on local time settings. Events can now be filtered to show a portion or entire single facility. In addition, you can simply configure a panel of your choosing to a particular time zone. Each CA3000 workstation can view events based on local Windows time setting or the absolute time of the event. For added flexibility, our Web Client feature comes in handy to provide remote access to CA3000 from your Windows browser. Add, delete, modify card records, manage all devices and/or control hardware configurations such as CA3000 panels, readers, relays, inputs, event and badge reports, time, attendance, and in-list reports. With CA3000 version 2.6, it couldn't be easier to transmit alarms. Utilizing NAPCO's NetLink receiver protocol, alarm inputs can be configured to report to NetLink's receiver in addition to the CA3000 system alert grid.

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