Storage King Tyseley Locks Down Buildings with Bioscrypt Fingerprint Reader

Aug. 14, 2007
Self-storage facility installs biometric security solution

TORONTO, Aug. 14 -- Bioscrypt Inc., a leading provider of enterprise access control technology, today announced that Storage King Tyseley, Birmingham, is using Bioscrypt's fingerprint reader to introduce an unprecedented level of security to its storage facilities.

Bioscrypt's V-Station reader is an integral part of a new security system. Customers entering Storage King Tyseley's Birmingham, England, facilities must now scan their fingers at the gate to gain entry. Once inside the facility, they must enter PIN codes to gain access to other parts of the facility - PINs that are associated with the fingerprint template registered with Storage King Tyseley and used at the front gate. An alarm will go off in reception if users enter a PIN code without first scanning their finger at the gate. A PIN code is also required to leave the site.

"The system gives us the 'wow' factor and is very impressive for customers looking to use the facility," said Gary Wheway, Business Development Manager for Storage King Tyseley. "The extra security is a big selling point and makes people willing to pay a little more for the service. I've no doubt the technology will now be considered by the self-storage industry across the UK and Europe."

Because the added security factor will draw more customers, Storage King Tyseley believes the multi-factor authentication system will pay for itself within a year. Customers access the Bioscrypt V-Station reader contained in a weather proof and vandal-resistant, Bioscrypt V-Cerco enclosure using a fob key and then enter a PIN code and scan their fingers in order to enter the gate.

"We're pleased to offer Storage King Tyseley a way of ensuring they know exactly who's in their storage facility at all times," said Bioscrypt President & CEO Robert M. Douglas. "Bioscrypt offers flexible solutions that can be designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries, including the storage industry."

The system was installed by Xcel Fire & Security using equipment supplier Norbain and TDSi door controllers and key pads along with Bioscrypt's finger scanner.