DVTel and Microsoft Team for Technology Convergence Event

June 19, 2007
UK technology showcase links physical security solutions, networking, card access and more

End users and consultants in the UK looking for IP-based security systems may want to mark down July 4 on their calendar.

That's when security systems provider DVTel is joining hands with Microsoft in the UK to host an event that mixes technology training and a snapshot at Microsoft's vision for the future of workplace operations. The event is planned from July 4, from 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. at the Reading, UK, campus of Microsoft's Customer Briefing Center, and brings in additional partners such as HID Global and ProCurve Networking by HP. [See full details on this event.]

According to Kim Robbins of DVTel, the goal of the program is to educate users and system designers about how physical security operations can be integrated over the network to provide unified control over alarm systems, video surveillance, audio surveillance, access control and more.

Asked whether such education on convergence is appropriate for businesses other than enterprise-level organizations, Robbins noted that the impact of convergence sometimes is driven by security needs rather than a pure enterprise-level mindset.

"If we are dealing with a small company with serious security concerns, convergence becomes extremely important," said Robbins in an email to SecurityInfoWatch.com. "For example, it could be an architect and engineer firm that deals with the airport vertical market. The office could be a small one, with fewer than 50 people. Because of the nature of their business, there cannot be a breach in security at any level because plans for security or other services are well documented within the office. This type of business already has to adhere to very stringent TSA standards, but this could be additional security for them before it becomes a de facto standard. The same could be said for medical labs, accounting firms, county and city offices, and the list goes on and on."

Robbins added that for now, however, it's chiefly the largest companies which have the kinds of resources needed to converge security, but she thinks convergence won't stop there.

"The reality is that enterprise-level companies will have the resources to implement converged security solutions," said Robbins. "DVTel believes that this will catch on for those small- to medium-sized companies that have special needs or additional security concerns and will quickly become more mainstream in the future."

DVTel is one of Microsoft's registered partners, and in addition to hosting the event, Microsoft was asked by DVTel to present a seminar on the "New World of Work," which was described as "a visionary presentation on future products." Additionally, attendees will be given an inside glimpse of Microsoft's newest security and network tools at the close of the event.

The event ties in with ProCurve Networking's "Taking it to the Edge" seminar tour, which seeks to provide sessions on the future of business networking, as applicable for information technology services and physical security programs. DVTel is part of the ProCurve alliance, which is ProCurve's program of testing and recommending solutions that have proved highly interoperable over the network.