Honeywell Teams with Integrated Engineering to Offer Omniassure

Sept. 5, 2006
Contactless Smart Card Readers Are FIPS 201 Compliant

LOUISVILLE, Ky., August 31, 2006 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced that it is working with Integrated Engineering, a leader in the smart card industry, to offer new contactless smart card readers. The new OmniAssure readers are compliant with the Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 201 (FIPS 201).

Honeywell’s OmniAssure readers combine compliance with convenience using a patent-pending flash-on-card design that allows the reader’s flash firmware to be easily updated without removing the readers from the wall. The updates support current changing government standards such as FIPS 201, Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC), and First Responder Authentication Credentials (FRAC). Simple configuration cards can also be used to manage security keys and change the operating characteristics of the reader. Additionally, the contactless smart card readers feature built-in hardware to support future RS485 protocols, and both the reading and writing of smart card credentials.

“We are excited about this technology because it offers our customers a comprehensive solution for compliance,” said Beth Thomas, senior product manager, Credentials and Readers, Honeywell. “Our customers are now prepared to comply with the evolving government requirements of smart card standards using these new card readers. OmniAssure readers make the transition from existing 125 kHz proximity readers to smart card technologies effortless.”

Honeywell’s reader offerings include a smart card reader only, a smart card reader plus keypad, a fingerprint smart card reader, and a multi-technology smart card and 125k Hz proximity reader.

“Honeywell has a wealth of experience in the logical and physical security market worldwide, and this partnership allows us to build on the solid track record they have established in the end-user market for innovative access control solutions,” said JP Hulsker, managing director of Integrated Engineering. “We are delighted to be working with Honeywell.”

To learn more about Honeywell’s OmniAssure readers and FIPS 201, or to download Honeywell’s white paper, “Honeywell Physical Access Control Systems,” visit